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The Haindl Tarot draws upon knowledge of ancient Native American culture to create a deck that is a colorful and penetrating study in humility and reverence for . Buy Haindl Tarot Deck Gmc Crds by Hermann Haindl (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Haindl Tarot, Minor Arcana, Rev Ed. [Rachel Pollack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Describes each card of the Minor Arcana in great.

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For practitioners who integrate I Ching divination into their tarot readings, this is a great deck for that. Yet the abstract imagery here has a Thoth vibe to it.

You get those same energetic themes in the Eight of Wands.

farot I often get that vibe from the Two of Swords, at least more so Hexagram 12 energy than Hexagram 11, which feels like too harmonious a hexagram for a Swords pip. Although the goddess Nut works, too, for the Queen of Swords, association Air or sky. The Haindl Tarot is a truly remarkable deck for any tarot enthusiast to work with. Rachel Pollack has penned companion books for this deck that come highly, highly recommended by pretty much every tarot practitioner I know.


Haidl Post Mahjong Divination. I think my personal interpretation of the Two of Swords would be better reflected in Hexagram 12, which is Heaven over Earth. Here, I feel like I want to do something with the blank cards, maybe incorporate it into the deck and use a deck of 80 instead of 78, with the 2 blank ones.

Haindl Tarot

The deck comes with two blank cards. Yet this deck was first published back in Still, I feel there is so much to read in these cards without having all that extra information. In person, the art is not quite as bold as they seem to appear haibdl these photos.

Hexagram 16 is Thunder over Earth, which is about preparing to advance and maybe even auspicious for a hostile takeover. This is one of my favorite decks! For me, it has a very poignant, holding-back-the-tears sort of feel to it. Thank you for the recommendation and it is a great pick up. Haha well I am for sure biased. Wands and Cups Courts. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

My Review of the Haindl Tarot – benebell wen

Email Address never made public. I not only read it for the classic meaning associated with the card, but also look at the hexagram or rune it corresponds with. I reviewed the Haindl on this blog and in that review you can see where else I diverge from Mr. In Hexagram 11, there is a sense of upper and lower classes uniting in concord.


My Review of the Haindl Tarot

I had the jumbo Haindl anyway, so even borderless it is larger than some tarot decks. The suit of Pentacles or Coins has been renamed to Stones, which in my opinion works better for the suit and its correspondence with Earth anyway. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I love how multicultural it is and how it brings mythological interpretation into the court card interpretation fold.

Or look at the Eight of Cups, which is assigned Hexagram It really makes me feel connected to the Gaia aspect of our planet, and our relationship to her, the good and the bad.

Tarof are commenting using your Facebook account. Now we get to the courts, which I love, love, love, love. The Magician as Beth, Key 2: Preview of Select Majors.

Here, you see directional correspondences written onto the four Aces.