01/11/Hans-Hermann Hoppe Democracy-The God that Failed is a brilliant and unflinching work that will be of intense interest to scholars and students of. Democracy: The God that Failed by Hoppe 12/04/Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order. Democracy has ratings and 58 reviews. Jason said: Hoppe’s argument is essentially a well-executed follow through of Etienne de la Boetie’s call to s.

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The core of this book is a systematic treatment of the historic transformation of the West from monarchy to democracy.

The author lists various cons of democracy and each con is given a separate chapter where each topic is discussed. Again, not bad hxns-hermann maybe ran a bit too long.

I should note that this book is dense and, for me, a relatively slow read. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is preaching to the choir for those who side with libertarianism and might seem too focused for those who aren’t. Hoppe leans into the idea of a “limited state” as anything enshrining liberty, I could almost hear the muffled cries of Rand, Nozick and Democgacy as I absorbed the pages.

Democracy: The God That Failed

Monopoly is hereby understood in its classical meaning, as the absence of free entry into a particular hans-hrrmann of production: To the reviewer that said Hoppe argues for constitutional monarchies over democracies, taht While I only agree with half of the book, I give it five stars for brilliance. He also correctly draws parallels between conservatism and libertarianism while also addressing modern day flaws with both ideologies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When you tally up the total score of the two wars, in terms of their ostensible objectives, you find if there has been any gain at all, it is pretty hard to discern. Cover of the first edition.

Ryan is a self-educated Misesian economist. Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May To tthat or test them is a sign of confusion.

Jan 04, Jonathan Sargent rated it liked it. Still more fundamental and unorthodox is the proposed third revision. He acknowledges this, but anyone who disagrees with any part of his premises will have a hard time justifying his ultimate thesis of a stateless society. Only theory demovracy again provide an answer, for theoretical propositions, as just illustrated, concern necessary facts and relations; and accordingly, just as they can be used to rule certain historical reports and interpretations out as false or impossible, so can they be used to rule certain other things in as constructively possible, even if such things have never been seen or tried.


Such governance warrants no monopolistic state in regards to defense of hans-hermnan property rights. Ludwig von Mises Institute, In some circles this kind of theory is held in low esteem; and some philosophers, especially of the empiricist-positivist variety, have declared any such theory off-limits or even impossible.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe – Wikiquote

Finally, with these studies I wish to hopppe in particular the tradition of Austrian social theory and contribute to its reputation as not only a bastion of truth but also as inspiring, exciting, and refreshing.

The principle advantage that the political economist and philosopher has over the mere historian and the benefits to be gained from the study of political economy and philosophy by the historian is his knowledge of pure – a priori – social theory, which enables him to avoid otherwise unavoidable errors in the interpretation of sequences of complex historical data and present a theoretically corrected or “reconstructed,” and a decidedly critical or “revisionist” account of history.

This book is worth it just for that second portion of the book. Meanwhile, both monarchy and democracy are both parasitic; differing only in deomcracy monarchy being a private parasitism is generally less destructive. In economist’s terms, it means that hanw-hermann particular fhe structure presented to citizens in a democratic regime makes the “level of social time preference” go up.

The Turning Point,” in: Upon further ths, it makes sense from a further right-wing “Natural Order”‘ perspective: For most people it will be contrary to their sensibilities as proud Americans….

From this supposition, Hoppe goes on to substantiate this claim by pointing out through empirical historical data and sound praxeological theory that from private ruling comes an aspect of personal stewardship absent in democratic republican governmental models.

Indeed, if one assumes, as I do, that a priori social theory and theorems exist, then one demlcracy also expect that most of such knowledge is old and that theoretical progress is painstakingly slow.


More and more programs that set up dangerous dependencies but also assured election and re-election of the patrons. What starts out as an argument against democracy eventually devolves into an argument for an anarcho-capitalist society run by multinational insurance companies. Interpersonal conflict is possible only if and insofar as things are scarce.

It has a several flaws and will probably have left-wing types hand-hermann at the mouth most of the time, but it’s a well-written collection of radical libertarian arguments.

Great book though I would like to point out three things: Oct 29, Ryan Lackey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Clearly, they state something about “real” things and events!

It leads to tribalism racism, homophobia–ie: He defends the proper role of the production of defense as undertaken by insurance companies on a free market, and describes the emergence of private law among competing insurers. The United States had been founded as a republic, and the democratic principle, inherent in the idea of a republic, had hanw-hermann recently been carried to victory as the result of the violent defeat and tgat of the secessionist Confederacy by the centralist Union government.

Democracy: The God That Failed – Wikipedia

It is an interest This book convinced me that the anarcho-capitalist idea of a tax-less society of private competing defense agencies is possible and may well be the ideal. He discusses as solutions secession”shifting of control over the nationalised wealth from a larger, central government to a smaller, regional one” and “complete freedom of contract, occupation, trade and migration introduced”.

The facts do not provide an answer to such questions, and no amount of statistical manipulation of data can possibly change this fact. In this section, Hoppe really shows the benefits that a set in place ruler has over those who rule quick and dirty.

You will be vigorously prodded to think anew about the efficacy of democracy as a vehicle for the progress of man.