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TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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The company has now decided to make the previously proprietary interface available as an open protocol, hiperfsce predicts that the move will reduce the number of servodrive interfaces in use.

HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution

Regal Beloit sells its drives businesses Product and Supplier Search. That being the case, the best-possible conditions for preventive maintenance have been created.

Free 3D CAD modelling software is given a For more information on the event, visit the Show Web site. The time has come for this digital system to be standardized further at international level — with the ultimate aim of offering more functions for the advancing digitalization of production processes.

Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology — discussions are already underway. In conventional connection technology, a second cable is also needed for this configuration to transmit the typical feedback signals for the closed-loop system. High-resolution motor feedback system for dynamic servo drives. In the future, a smaller servo drive will also be possible in many applications.


Hiperface DSL encoders expand uses for digital protocol – Drives and Controls Magazine

With the opening of the interface, the proven technology is now accessible to all users. Another aspect is that the element no longer required also does not use up space any more.

Change hiprrface technology through digital evolution Servo drive systems in electric drive technology consist of, among other things, the two components of controller and motor. Baumer Baumer is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders and components for automated dssl processing Learn more about Baumer.

Daily and business press Trade press. Motor-controller communication in electric drive technology is at the verge of a digital evolution. Special techniques and the use of pulse transformers ensure the encoder signal is decoupled from dsll interference on the motor output cable.

Taking a look inside standard cables within servo drive technology usually reveals three wires for the motor power — one wire for PE and two others to control the brakes and evaluate the winding temperature sensor.

Clever height measurement with calibrated light section sensors — PosCon HM.

HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution SICK

This will pave the way for establishing one cable connection technology for servo motors and torque drives as an open standard without elaborately designed hybrid cables. Ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices. Additionally, the digital connection of the future has real potential for developing new possibilities within Industry 4.

For applications in which the drive needs to be moved along in a dynamic sdl, this constitutes a decisive argument, for in this context, less mass or weight, respectively, equals less kinetic energy. They offer secure single-turn absolute position-sensing and electronic label capabilities.


For example, something that may be impossible with a resolver — hpierface as collecting further sensor signals at the feedback system — can indeed be achieved with intelligent digital feedback. Non-contact, precise and simple measurement of round objects with an outer diameter up to mm. Compact motor feedback system for linear motors. Chinese motors giant buys GE small motors The omission of the motor feedback connector means that there is no design limitation for the motor side extremely important for small servo motors.

Continuous condition monitoring for the servo drive enables remote control of temperature, speed, LED current, supply voltage and rotation speed – throughout the entire service life.

Detection and ranging solutions. Mission Statement The SICK USA Blog was created to connect with industrial automation users and customers by providing useful content, including valuable information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for optimizing their businesses.

HIPERFACE DSL® – motor feedback purely digital for the first time

The reduced number of components simplifies installation and saves time and personnel costs for commissioning and hiperfaace. New generation universal temperature transmitters FlexTop und Hiperface DSL encoders expand uses for digital protocol 13 December, Product and system support.

Automation giants join forces to back OPC