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of Horacio Vaggione. Curtis Roads. The composition of music has evolved into an interactive process of directly sculpting sound morphologies on multiple time. Horacio Vaggione is an argentinian composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music. He co-founded the Experimental Music Center of the University of. This article stresses the important contribution of Horacio Vaggione to inserting the computer within a musical project. The theoretical contributions of Vaggione.

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Please help by adding reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His music is characterized by lively, often violent colors, but also by subtle relationships that are set up between acoustic instruments and recorded or computer-generated elements.

ISSUE serves as a leading cultural incubator, facilitating horacii commission and premiere of innovative new works spanning genres of music, dance, literature and film. Past and present ricochet. Horacio Vaggione includes computer technology in his compositional processes, developing ideas of stratification, figuration, articulation, morphology and singularity.

Ton Bruynel Foundation Prize Amsterdam, Learn horacii and when to remove these template messages. He also discovered the latest works of Iannis Xenakis and attended, in Germany, the summer courses at Darmstadt. For Vaggione, composing is a process of generating veritable, unique events and articulating them within a multiplicity of timescales, scalable within ever-expanding digital environments.

Sat 09 Jun,8pm. Lejaren Hiller introduced him to the work of Max Mathews on digital sound synthesis and gave him the computer programme codes that then enabled him to start his own work in this field. During the s he visited the principal European electro-acoustic studios and experimented with digital sound synthesis as a scholar of the Fulbright Fund at horaxio University of Illinois. An introduction vaggiione non-Western arts led faggione study of koto, Balinese gamelan, and Chinese calligraphy at University.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Writings and research papers: Horacio Vaggione born is an Argentinian composer of electro-acoustic and instrumental music who specializes in micromontagegranular synthesisand microsound and whose pieces are often scored for performers and computers mixed music.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Horacio Vaggione was born in in Moldes in the province of Cordoba in Argentina. His works bridge the chasm between sound and structure by developing a multi-scaled temporal approach, achieved through networks of objects conceived as polyvalent symbolic entities.

VAGGIONE Horacio (1943)

Biographies Forty Components The Composer at work. Modelos de universo III represents his earliest experiments with granulation and digital micromontage.

He worked vagyione perfecting a system of sound synthesis and composed his first digital works. As a teenager, exposure to the local DC punk scene beget collaboration and performance.

Horacio Vaggione / | ISSUE Project Room

Home Who are we? The solemn and mournful songs remain a potent influence. From to he continued his apprenticeship at the Arts School of the National University of Cordoba with Olger Bistevins harmony and orchestrationCarlos Gasparini counterpoint and organCesar Franchisena musical formJuan Carlos Fernandez history of music and Ornella de Devoto piano.

Ash is an example of this, using the Syter process of vaggiohe GRM; similarly, Points critiques is based on the sounds of a snare drum rubbing, bouncing, multiphonics transformed by a whole range of software. The specific problem is: Using field recordings from domestic settings and site specific locations in Poland and Germany, and techniques of repetition, moving stillness, restraint, and tension, keeps her sonic sources hidden, rather focusing on the transmission and decay of overwhelming thematic elements into minor sonic forms.


ISSUE horacil projects by interdisciplinary artists that expand the boundaries of artistic practice and stimulate critical dialogue in the broader community. Launched online inthe composer biography database is in continuous development. Editions Musicales Transatlantiques,p. A move to San Francisco brought exposure to rave culture – arousing the experimentation with electronics that continues to this day.

Ars sonora, no 2. Ton Bruynel Foundation Prize Amsterdam, Voice, electronics, and a highly confrontational austerity is set against the backdrop of the mutant metropolitan city. Show only female composers.

Electroacoustics to Carry Along

Horacio Vaggione born is an Argentinian composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music who specializes in micromontage, granular synthesis, and microsound and whose pieces are often scored for performers and computers mixed music.

His compositions concern morphology the study of the forms of things by building sturdy structures from these minute grains, bringing the ear to a sonic world made up of atoms forming and reforming in their cohesion.

This article has multiple issues. As an entry point for web resources, its aim is to present at least a succinct biography of a composer as well as links to the Cdmc’s own information resources: Censorship was omnipresent and any avant-garde cultural movement was banned; tanks surrounded the university and Horacio Vaggione could no longer work.