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A black comedy set in a government-run mental institution, The Hothouse revolves around a sinister murder plot hatched against a backdrop of corruption, . The Hothouse by Harold Pinter, Hampstead Theatre, 24 April , transfer In I re-read The Hothouse and decided it was worth presenting on the stage. That his line and plight are met with raucous laughter is symptomatic of director Jamie Lloyd’s boldly funny production of Harold Pinter’s “The.

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Despite frail health after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in DecemberPinter continued to act on stage and screen, last performing the title role in a critically-acclaimed stage production of Samuel Beckett’s one-act monologue Krapp’s Last Tapefor the 50th anniversary season of the Royal Court Theatre, in October This article hothoue about the play.

Another has, a trifle inconveniently, just given birth to a child, fathered by one of the staff. The same, I’d suggest, is true of a politically lethal play like The Hothouse. Winston Duke has had quite a year.

In particular, preening John Heffernan is wonderfully supercilious as Lush, deliciously just inches away from downright rudeness in his dealings with exasperated Roote. With courtiers circling [ He is hilarious as he reacts to the news of one patient’s death with a look of thunderstruck horror and, in seeking to identify the impregnated party, dreamily enquires “Quite a pitner sort of face?

The Hothouse

Faber and Faber Amazon. Pinter, his work, and his politics have been the subject of voluminous critical commentary.

Apr 14, Genevieve rated it liked it. Aug 18, Russell rated it liked it Shelves: The history of The Hothouse is that Pinter wrote it input it to one side and only rescued it from oblivion in I laughed incessantly at Russell Beale’s performance but his Roote seems to be in a state of incipient collapse from the off whereas Pinter, when he played the hothose, showed us a figure of awesome power who only disintegrated as the play progressed.


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The Hothouse – review | Culture | The Guardian

While he was the criminal! Pinter always manages to plant a worm of doubt hothouuse your head, until it becomes hard to resist thinking about it.

The Estate should not be contacted directly for permissions. Just a moment while we hothoouse you in to your Goodreads account. As Pinter once said, he indeed could never write normal plays with a Shakespearean happy ending. John Simm, however, is flawless as the conniving Gibbs suggesting the perennial company man, even down to the pens in his breast pocket, with all the instincts of a serpent.

Roote, the manager of a rest house or a psychiatric hospital as I think, was involved in rape of a patient, killing another one.

They can scarify with him to cover the real criminal they all know. Feb 10, Gilgamesh Nabeel rated it it was amazing. After the reported murder of one patient and the rape and resulting pregnancy of another, Roote orders Gibbs to find the perpetrator swho it appears is Roote himself, and Gibbs supplants his boss as administrator of the corrupt “rest home”, whose inmates converge upon the staff, resulting in mayhem.

The Hothouse – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But, richly pleasurable and boundlessly funny as Jamie Lloyd’s new production of this early Pinter play is, I feel it misses something of its chilling political undertow. Miss Cutts was in love with Roote, the manager, and tried her chance with Gibbs. I do like it, it is the best of Harold Pinter till now as I see. At last Gibbs let all the patients leave their room and kill all the staff except the 2nd line and him and he got his dream, to be the new manager.


In this case we are in some deeply English “rest home” run by a tetchy ex-colonel, Roote, who on Christmas Day finds himself confronted by pintwr dual crisis: Retrieved from ” https: Sep 01, Amber rated pintef it was amazing. H arold Pinter was, among many other things, a comic writer; and I would distrust any Pinter evening that didn’t make us laugh.

In he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Hotthouse the surface comedy there are frightening implications concerning a bureaucracy ostensibly dedicated to humanitarian concerns, but where people are referred to by A black comedy set in a government-run mental institution, The Hothouse revolves ;inter a sinister murder plot hatched against a backdrop of corruption, sexual favors, and hopeless bureaucratic piter.

I’m officially co-producing this show. Sep 24, Brian rated it really liked it.