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Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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A check of this current is made as follows: The chip clock counter output Figure is the prescaler output divided by five. Output amplitude incorrect for all functions. The oven output frequency is 10 MHz. Power Line Voltage Selection If the signal is good, proceed to step s. Paragraph contains an index of the circuits and the service groups in which they can be found.

Full text of “HP: B”

C slows the edges of the FAST sync to minimize reflection problems. You should see a clean 20 Vpp signal remember, the amplitude is doubled since there is no longer a load. Power Line Voltage Selection. Service Group J Function circuits should also be suspect.

The reading should be -I- Only part of the problem is solved, however, because if the PLL were to continue operating in this manner, the phase comparator output would continue to increase beyond practical limits.


Input power for these supplies is provided from a separate winding on the instrument power transformer; consequently, these supplies are on at any time ac power is connected to the instrument.

HP 3325B Function Generator

The processor, ROM, and address bus must be working for this test to run. Keyboard and Display Block Diagram Used with field wiring terminals to in- dicate the terminal which must be connected to ground before operating equipment.

Any equipment that satisfies the critical specifications given in the table may be substituted for the recommended model.

This special function transmits several characters and expects to receive them back. Most of the logic and data signals in the HP B are identified on the schematic diagrams by a mnemonic, which is essentially an maanual of the signal name.

Agilent Technologies HP B Manuals

The UlO outputs are negative-going pulses. A 5V pulse on this pin at a Only one of these inputs are active.

CRlOl can also be responsible for poor harmonic distortion and spurs. If any of mmanual pulses are not present, check the fractional-N chip U19 for the proper signals.


The power amplifier has a gain of 1 and acts as a buffer. ,anual Troubleshooting Procedures Internal Modulation Source A built-in programmable modulation source provides sine, square and arbitrary waveshapes for internal amplitude or phase modulation, or for use as a second source. Discrete Sweep The enhanced feature set of the HP B includes segment discrete sweep capability which allows arbitrarily defined multi-segment linear or stepped sweeps and tone sequences.

Push the keyboard assembly forward from the front frame. The table next to U28 manul the schematic relates the functions to the enable signal levels.

X Drive, Z Blank, or Marker signals incorrect. Figure is a basic block diagram of the logic circuits, which interface with the processor and with each other through the proces- sor to control the operation of the instrument. With an oscilloscope, check the reference pulse signal at A21U1 pin 1 1. Modulation Source Np Diagram The Mixer circuits are covered by two shields, each consisting of a flat cover and an extrusion.