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Tutorial on how to install and configure htDig search for your web site. The Linux Information Portal includes informative tutorials and links to many Linux sites. WWW Search Engine Software. Contribute to roklein/htdig development by creating an account on GitHub. Htdig retrieves HTML documents using the HTTP protocol and gathers information from these documents which can later be used to search these documents.

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Previous examples have also assumed that ht: See also questions 4. You should repeat the htdig or rundig command with the -vvv option to see where and why it is failing. Note that you will need a C compiler and a running Web server in order to use the software this tutorial uses GCC 3. With the tools installed, I then showed you how to configure it for your specific site hosting needs, and how to actually begin indexing a Web site. However, some users still prefer to stick with acroread, as it works well for them, and is a little easier to set up if you’ve already installed Acrobat.

Remove all flags “-ggdb” in Makefile. Yes, though you may find it easier to have one larger database and use restrict or exclude fields on searches.

If you wish to keep secure and non-secure areas on your site separate, and avoid having unauthorized users seeing documents from secure areas in their search results, that htdg a bit more htrig. Melonfire provides no warranties or support for the hydig code described in this htdih.


ht-//Dig – Wikipedia

If you don’t find it, but find something close, try that locale name. Put the htsearch binary or wrapper script for the secure site in a different ScriptAlias’ed cgi-bin directory than the public one, and protect the secure cgi-bin with a.

This happens when htsearch dies before putting out a “Content-Type” header. If these don’t show up, it could be that in attempting to customize these hteig question 4. Before you go anywhere else, think of other ways of phrasing your hydig.

It also converts various PDF encodings to the Latin 1 set. These problems are fixed in the current release. Versions prior to 3. You can only get htdig to index directories, without providing your own files with links to the contents of these directories, by using your web server’s automatic index generation feature.

The default value for this attribute is “index. This means rerunning the “rundig” script, or running “htdig -i” and htmerge or htpurge in the 3.

Some operating systems limit files to 2 GB in size, which can become a problem with a large database. The default values for these scoring factors, as well as information about whether they’re used by htdig or htsearch, are all listed in the configuration attributes documentation. This usually involves htdig getting caught in an infinite virtual hierarchy.

htDig – Web Site Search

Remember that the developers are all volunteers, and they don’t work for free for your benefit alone. Changing configuration variables can also help cut down on disk usage.


Check your search form. This also raises the questions of why two different methods of indexing PDFs are supported, and which method is preferred.

This bug is fixed in version 3. Most systems expect something like locale: There are several ways to cut down on disk space.

When htdig parses documents and finds hypertext links to other documents hrefsit may reject them for any of several reasons. This most commonly happens when you run htsearch while the database is currently being htdg or updated by htdig.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could use a natural-language or fuzzy search engine to create an index for your site and return results scored by relevance. Note that this is only necessary for CGI input parameters, not for the corresponding configuration attributes in your htdig.

You probably need to carefully re-read and follow questions 4. If the dynamic content is generated by a CGI script, your new wrapper script which calls this CGI would then have to strip out the parts that you don’t want embedded in the output headers, some tags so that only the relevant content gets put into the environment variable you want.