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Malinda Lo is a graduate of Wellesley College and has master’s degrees from Harvard and Stanford universities and now lives in a small town in Northern. Huntress by Malinda Lo, out today from Little, Brown, is a prequel to her first novel, Ash (reviewed here by Elizabeth Bear), and is set in that. Huntress is the story of two girls: Taisin, a gifted student well on her way to becoming one of the best sages of her generation, and Kaede, her.

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I did, and it was completely understandable. I liked that sexuality was almost a non-issue in this world.

Malinda Lo

I love the banter and humour between the characters. Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, I think it did contribute to my feeling of distance from most of the characters.

As we were told.

If I remember rightly, this story is mentioned in Ash. This book tackles so many of the struggles we all feel, and so well, that it would be a shame for any reader to miss out. Their romance starts out hesitatingly: I would recommend skipping this one. Ellen Kushner wrote the Riverside series, llo with Swordspoint!

Like that’s the mapinda of romance we should be perpetuating. And indeed, the book goes on to continue to dwell on the malidna at great length, adding more details, so that by the time the big climactic encounter arrives, it’s They have to see the Fairy Queen, during a period when nature has gone out of balance.

But the inevitable but comes to mind, so I’ll just stop apologetically beating around the bush and say it – Huntress, while undoubtedl Whoo boy!



Or it’s supposed to be a metaphorical fairy tale, in which, the metaphors shred under the weight of even a second glance. How does she choose life as a sage or life in love at the vulnerable age huntrees seventeen? This review refers to an advance reader’s copy. Views Read Edit View history.

I didn’t like it as much as I liked Ash. The fact that two of her novels are set in different places of the same world is awesome to me.

By the time they reach the city, there is not much space left to tell the rest of the story and it all feels quite hurried. The two characters that fall in love are both women, but it isn’t the same sex issue that makes their love star-crossed, it is more an issue of class and occupation. The romance in this book was just as unbelievable as Twilight: It w I didn’t like it as much as I liked Ash. The mystic has another problem, if she is to fulfill her destiny she desperatly wants she must remain celibate.

Huntress is a well-written, tightly plotted novel with interesting, engaging characters and a good balance of romance and action. This book made me feel a lot of feelings.

Huntress by Malinda Lo

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Given so much time upon the road, there was a lot of potential for characters to grow and interact and make us care.

With the girls, travels a prince, and two guards, the female one similar in age to them and the prince.


Some may disagree with me, because the girls were not allowed to be together, because Tasin wanted to go on to become a Sage, who must be celibate. Nov 08, Cath rated it really liked it.

Their lands suffer under a never-ending winter, and people are starving. Sadly, the book falls short on the writing. I can only surmise that she meant to be third-person omniscient, but the consistency is questionable, and for the most part the only two perspectives we get are Taisin and Kaede. It was nice to see Lo drawing inspiration huntrress traditional myths of Asia, rather than those of Europe.

But at the same time I want huntrexs watch this book burn in hell, along with Twilight.

HUNTRESS by Malinda Lo | Kirkus Reviews

huntrees It was of the “characters X and Y did something bad, so let’s atone for it by sacrificing an innocent bystander, huntres prevent the end of the world” variety. Dec 29, Karissa rated it it was amazing. To ask other readers questions about Huntressplease sign up. But the most damning thing about this book was the romance. I really wish books like this had existed when I was younger.

The two romances one between the prince and his female guard and one between the two girls are both very sweet and doesn’t include more than a few kisses.