Posts about Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse written by survivorshipwp. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. The following is a script of a talk entitled, “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” by Prof. D. Corydon Hammond. This talk was delivered at the.

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I mean in an inpatient unit for an extended period of time. So then they strapped her down again, took and gave her something to kind of paralyze her body, gave her LSDan even bigger dose and reinforced all the suggestions. So I believe in one case I was personally treating that she was a kind of schizmatic break-off that had kind of gone off and done their own thing and were no longer hooked into a mainstream group.

These codes will sometimes be idiosyncratic phrases, or ditties. Remember the Process Church? They brought them to the United States. A patient had sat in my waiting area, got there considerably early and drew a detailed multicolored Cabalistic Tree over two years ago.

Came out last fall. Question in the back? Submit a new text post. This site uses cookies. With another person, Omicron had to do with their linkage and associations with drug smuggling and with the Mafia, and with big business and government leaders. The poems cover the outskirts of my awakening, my plowing through and arrival in the middle of awareness.

Some of those are come-home programs, “come back to the Cult”, “return to the Cult” program. These certain topics include, but are not limited to: This is basically how a lot of programming goes on. This type of programming will be done in the cults with the candles and all the rest. If several authors are posting a series of stories that are directly connected, each story in the series must be posted 24 hours apart.


Finally this part, as I got angry with him and said. I finally decided to hell with them. I know of this being found in men and women. I wanted to ask you a question about the Seven Systems. One patient I had treated for quite a while, a non-bloodline person.

Hypnosis In MPD Ritual Abuse. The Greenbaum Speech

For a more detailed explanation of the subreddit, click here. Alphas appear to represent general programming, the first kind of things put in. Are there Seven Systems? Let me describe to you, if I can find my pen, the system in one patient. As you do additional work and get a bit further, I would ask again to find out. Licensed Family Therapist, State of Utah. You know, I had never in my life heard those two terms paired together.

The part basically said. I remember a woman who came in, about twenty-four years old, claimed her father was a Satanist. She described the overall system — if I can remember it now — as being like this. If they were raised from birth in a mainstream cult or if they were a non-bloodline person, meaning neither parent was in the Cult, but Cult people had a lot of access to them in early childhood, they may also have it.

Chartreuse or something, if his name were a color, what color would the color be?

Mind Control, Hypnosis and Ritual Abuse | The Menawa Report

Just to see what kind of answers we get. Return to Mind Control.


She estimated three times a week. She said, “Well, what are those things?

There are a number of cases where they combined powerful drug effects like this with suggestions, to keep us from discovering some of this deeper level stuff. Stories must be a minimum of words. Death had certain things that they said had to be done to integrate. In the middle of all this was still another system consisting of the Cabalistic Tree, which some of you are aware looks approximately like this with lines in between and so on and so forth.

You can find out the head one of those. I discovered this—by the way I used to think this programming was only in bloodline people.

We deal with them. I have seen this in people up into their forties including people whose parents were very, very high in the CIAother sorts of things like that.

I had a psychiatrist give her a little Demerol. We started talking and then she basically said. So these are some of the kind of booby traps you run into. Trigger warnings enabled Trigger warnings enabled. I think we have to stand up as some kind of moral conscience at some point, and I tried to wait until we had gotten enough verification from independent places to have some real confidence that this was widespread.