Atlantis: The Antediluvian World [Ignatius Loyola DONNELLY ( – )] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The theory on the world of. A lawyer and politician before he turned to writing, Ignatius Donnelly (‒ ) spent many years amassing evidence for his book on Atlantis. Displaying an. The great classic of Atlantis, this book more than any other established the existence of this lost continent for the modern world. Attracting hundreds of thousands.

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Atlantis, the Antediluvian World

It has a lot of interesting data. The Empire of Atlantis.

Gold and Silver the Sacred Metals of Atlantis The Portrait of a Politician Paperback ed. So, if you’re inclined to seek A “non-fiction” scientific investigation into the existence and history of Atlantis. Religious Emblem of the Bronze Age, Switzerland. Ornaments of the Bronze Age.

Not too sure about the banana theory, though. Vases from Mounds in the Mississippi Valley. The Question of Complexion.

Atlantis: The Antedeluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly – Free Ebook

Preview — Atlantis by Ignatius L. Much of his data has since been debunked, but much of it has not and would be a good read for someone interested in the Atlantais myth. InDonnelly wrote the preamble of the People’s Party’s Omaha Platform for the presidential campaign of that year. The History of Atlantis. But, I still like the idea of Atlantis.


Of all the Atlantis books, I think Donnelly took the most informed approach to the conspiracy theory writeup.

Its arguments are now wholly invalid, but Donnelly’s “bricoleur” approach to use Claude Levi-Strauss’s term is absolutely fascinating. I enjoyed his guesswork for a 19th century scholar.

I wrote a brief note on this on my Facebook page for further reading go there: The great Mound, near Miamisburg, Ohio This book is really the ancestor of the modern ancient alien conspirators: I should note antediluvlan I didn’t get the impression the author of antediluviqn book was racist.

The Central American and Mexican Colonies Elephant Pipe, Louisa County, Iowa.

It is clear that Donnelly conducted considerable donneloy, but it is also clear that he went “out on a limb” in drawing many of his conclusions. It is irritating that such study gets marginalized as pseudoscience because it is so linked to the discredited idea of Atlantis. And some facts presentedunfortunately have no basis in truth.

This was one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. Celtic Warrior, from Assyrian Monuments. I think we shouldn’t gloss over that.

Atlantis: The Antedeluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

A seminal work on Atlantis and a classic in the history of culture, this book is the starting point for anyone sincerely interested in the Atlantis myth. I read this book because it apparently indirectly influenced the development of the Nazi Party in Germany Atlantis plays a prominent role in Nazi mythology of the Aryan “master race”though Donnelly does not make any of the claims of These days there seems to be so much interest in Atlantis, a legendary city first described by Plato in his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.

  AR 350-18 PDF

In a nutshell, the language is quite “old world”. There are a lot of facts that support some of his ideas, but some of his ideas are real stretches. Common Form of Arch, Central America Too bad this was Donnelly’s only, truly successful work, he’s quite a writer. At any rate – a really, really interesting book that gave me a lot more to think about than I expected.

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