As the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP) says Again, sharing from the International House of Prayer’s fasting guidelines (below). Physically. Prayer and Fasting. Apostolic Prayers · Devotional Prayer · Fasting Guidelines for the Prophetic Ministry. Date:October 16, Author:Mike Bickle. Fasting is to voluntarily abstain from eating/drinking for an extended period of time. “Eating” and “drinking” can Fasting Guidelines: • Explain to your family in .

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Thus we willingly set aside a little comfort so we can listen and attend to the voice and nourishment of God alone.

I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. If you have sugar sensitivities or problems e.

The Resurrection: Granite City, IL >

Talking about fasting to exhort and encourage others is different than doing it to gain their attention or admiration. I am one who is empty, called to be filled with the fullness of God. Though spiritual leaders may invite others to join in corporate fasting with a specific goal in mind and for a specific time, fasting can never be forced or made compulsory.

Additionally, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Prayer and time before Him and reading scripture will be an important, central part of your fast. What can we do? What if someone offers you food?

Fasting in this age of the absent Bridegroom is in expectation of His return. If you do not take a laxative or an enema, the toxins can hurt your intestines or reabsorb into your bloodstream, making you feel nauseous.


We choose to go without food and other ways of satiating ourselves, allowing the ensuing hunger to become an entryway into His presence and prayer.

A binge during or after a fast can leave us feeling worse than when we were hungry—something that can increase our zeal to stay faithful! Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Since one-third of the waste products eliminated during a fast are removed via the skin, adequate bathing is essential.

Sometimes God allows our stumbling to expose weakness, prevent pride, and show us how unsatisfying food is compared to the pleasure of knowing Him more. Minors who desire to fast are encouraged to consider non-food abstentions, such as TV, movies, Internet surfing, video games, and other entertainment.

Even if it gets hard, the Lord loves to help in our weakness, guicelines His grace is more than enough 2 Corinthians A Daniel fast, with vegetables and water, is good for those carrying a heavy workload. The friend who attends the bridegroom waits and listens for him, and is full of gyidelines when he hears the bridegrooms voice. Adam is also active in evangelism and has a vision to reach people everywhere with the good news of Jesus Christ.

How to Overcome Challenges in Fasting

Avoid high-fat and sugary foods before the fast. Those with a known or suspected physical disability or illness, or those with any history of an eating disorder, should never fast, except in consultation with, and under the supervision of, a qualified doctor.

Fasting is a divine exchange, where we give up the pleasures of food for the superior pleasures of knowing and loving God more. We care about the church. The Benefits of Fasting While the physical impact of fasting is real, the spiritual giudelines of fasting are undeniable. Healthy eating habits are especially important if you want to fast more than one day per week or do longer fasts. Plan to fast regularly, one day per week if you can.


You can fast in many different ways.

Fasting Guidelines and Information

I am one who is poor, called to be rich in a way that the world does not understand. A total fast is without food or water all liquids.

We can share the rewards of fasting with others—knowledge, prophetic insight, and a fiery heart for Jesus—and invite others into it when our hearts are pure Matthew 5: Rather than waiting for a crisis, spiritual leaders fast regularly to prepare themselves, and others, for the day of trial. Sometimes intercession, evangelism, and prophetic words flow more easily during a fast because our spirits are more alert and our flesh is weakened.

Adam is also active in evangelism and has a vision to reach people everywhere with the good news ihoop Jesus Christ.

Discuss your plans with your doctor, church leaders, and spouse or parents. Lord may our motivation be you and your Kingdom; may we choose time in prayer and with you as our reward.