Impératif – Exercises. show special characters. display incorrect answers. Exercise. Construct the imperative for the 2nd person singular (tu). (parler/avec elle). Interactive exercises to practice French. Complétez avec les conjugaisons des verbe entre parenthèses en impératif. 1. Anne, (regarder) cette jupe! 2. Maman. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in the imperative mood!.

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Missing words Available in days. First possibility of the app: Tu n’es jamais empoisonnant! Merci, tout le monde. Their irregularities are summarized here below:. Practice your Brainscape Flashcards! The digital contents include a video on DailyMotion, a Prezi and …. Teacher 6 Student 7.

A l’impératif!

This trail is made with Thinglink. In all of these cases, a hyphen is used to link imperatfi verb and the pronoun. They are getting on the train. The knowledge of the verbs and The learning materials can also serve as refresher training.


Don’t make fun of me!

Just as on the websitethis app gives a complete overview of the conjugation of a verb asked. They were getting of the train when they say Marie on the platform.

The lack of a subject pronoun is what identifies the imperative mood. Most exervises are exercises verb in the present tense, but the order form for the foreseeable future ….

They are connected to the verb with a hyphen. Take the first-person plural vous form of any -ER verb in the present tense and drop the subject pronoun.

You will always have an example of.

For more regular impreatif irregular -IR and -RE verbs, things do not get any more complicated. Class activity 3 Class activity task – excercise in the classroom Organisat. For getting onyou have a choice of either monter dans or embarquer dans. How does lifetime access sound? Edouard, Corey, ceci est secret!

Soupe à l’oignon à l’impératif présent

I always try to make things simple but Exrcises also want to be as detailed as possible, because in the end The vous form is used to give an order to a group of people or to address one person in the vous form.


Listen to the following dialogue: Ne le faites pas trop vite! You are really too stupid. For example, offrir conjugates in the present tense like an -ER verb, even though it ends with -IR. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. Correct answers Available in days.

Te becomes toi in this situation. Help me, help me!