Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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Such a request shall be made to the court that opened the proceedings for which a stay is requested.

Subject to Articles 8 and 10, the insolvency practitioner may, in particular, remove the debtor’s assets from the territory of the Member State in which they are situated. When determining whether the centre of the debtor’s main interests is ascertainable by third parties, special consideration should be given to the creditors and to their perception as to where a debtor conducts the administration of its interests.

The insolvency practitioner’s appointment shall be evidenced by a certified copy of the original decision appointing it or by any other certificate issued by the court which has jurisdiction. The lex concursus determines all the effects of the insolvency proceedings, both procedural and substantive, on the persons and legal relations concerned.

However, where the law applicable to the insolvency so requires, that insolvency practitioner should obtain the necessary authorisation before making such a request.

De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak

Prior to taking the decision to participate or not to participate in the coordination in accordance with point a of paragraph 1, an insolvency practitioner shall obtain any approval which may be required under the law of the State of the opening of proceedings for which it has been appointed.

The judgment opening insolvency proceedings as referred to in Article 3 1 shall, with no further formalities, produce the same effects in any other Member State as under the law of the State of the opening of proceedings, unless this Regulation provides otherwise and as long as no proceedings referred to in Article 3 2 are opened in that other Member State. This may require, in insolventue event of a shift of centre of main interests, informing creditors of the new location from which the debtor is carrying out its activities in due course, for example by drawing attention to insolgentie change of address in commercial correspondence, or by making the new location public through other appropriate means.

Where at least two-thirds of all insolvency practitioners appointed in insolvency proceedings of the members verrdening the group have agreed that a court of another Member State having jurisdiction is the most appropriate court for the opening of group coordination proceedings, that verodening shall have exclusive jurisdiction. The insolvency practitioner may also bring any action to set aside insolvemtie is in the interests of the creditors.

Indien een procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 1, wordt geopend nadat in een andere lidstaat een procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 2, is geopend, zijn de artikelen 31 tot en met 35 van toepassing op de eerst geopende insolventieprocedure, voorzover de stand van die procedure zulks mogelijk maakt. Where, by an act concluded after the opening of insolvency proceedings, a debtor disposes, for consideration, of:.

There is a particular need for a special reference diverging from the law of the opening Insolvenite in the case of rights in remsince such rights are of considerable importance for the granting of credit. Cooperation between the insolvency practitioners should not run counter to the interests of the creditors in each of the proceedings, and such cooperation should be aimed at finding a solution that would leverage synergies across the group. However, in order to ensure verordenign equal verordsning of creditors, the distribution of proceeds should be coordinated.


Onverminderd de regels die de mededeling van inlichtingen beperken, geldt voor de curator van de hoofdprocedure en de curatoren van de secundaire procedures een wederzijdse kennisgevingsplicht.

The basis, validity and extent of rights in rem should lnsolventie normally be determined according to the lex situs and not be affected by the opening of insolvency proceedings. Claims may be lodged in any official language of the institutions of the Union.

It is only after having rejected application of Article 1 that the court summarily returns to COMI under the Insolvency Regulation. The requesting person shall be provided with an answer by the competent authority within 3 working days.

This applies, for example, to the widely differing national laws on security interests to be found in the Member States. The court referred to in paragraph 1 may order protective measures to protect the interests of local creditors by requiring the insolvency vefordening or the debtor in possession not to remove or dispose of any assets which are located in the Member State where its establishment is located unless this is done in the ordinary course of business.

In the case of a company or legal person, the place of verodrening registered office shall be presumed to be the centre of its main interests in the absence of proof to the contrary.

Unusually for a European regulation, the EC Insolvency Regulation does not seek to harmonise insolvency laws between the different member states. Elke beslissing tot opening van een insolventieprocedure, genomen door een krachtens artikel 3 bevoegde rechter van een lidstaat, wordt erkend evrordening alle andere lidstaten zodra de beslissing rechtsgevolgen heeft verordeing de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend.

On having completed his or her tasks, the coordinator shall establish the final statement of costs and the share to be paid by each member, and submit this statement to each participating insolvency practitioner and to the court opening coordination proceedings. The opening of insolvency proceedings shall not affect the rights in rem of creditors or third parties in respect of tangible or intangible, moveable or immoveable assets, both specific assets and collections of indefinite assets as a whole which change from time to time, belonging to the debtor which are situated within verogdening territory of another Member State at the time of the opening of proceedings.

Het verslag gaat zo nodig vergezeld van voorstellen tot wijziging van deze verordening. The notice referred to in veorrdening 1 shall inoslventie sent by registered letter, attested by an acknowledgment of receipt.

De opening van een procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 1, heeft, zonder enkele verdere formaliteit, in de andere lidstaten de gevolgen die daaraan worden verbonden bij het recht van de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend, tenzij deze verordening anders bepaalt, en zolang in die andere lidstaten geen procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 2, is geopend. Artikel 44 Verhouding tot verdragen 1. That cooperation may take any unsolventie, including the conclusion of agreements or protocols. In order to protect such persons who, unaware that foreign proceedings have been opened, make a payment to the debtor instead of to the foreign insolvency practitioner, provision should be made for such a payment to have a debt-discharging effect.


Insolvenhie 6 Verrekening 1. The stay may be lifted by the court of its own motion or at the request insolevntie any creditor if the continuation of the stay is detrimental to the creditor’s rights, in particular if the negotiations have been disrupted or it has become evident that they are unlikely to be concluded, or if the insolvency practitioner or the debtor in possession has infringed the prohibition on disposal of its assets or on removal of them from the territory of the Member State where the establishment is located.

De gevolgen van een procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 2, kunnen niet in de andere lidstaten worden betwist. Artikel 11 Gevolgen voor aan registratie onderworpen rechten De gevolgen van de insolventieprocedure voor de rechten van de schuldenaar insolvenrie onroerend verorvening, een schip of een luchtvaartuig dat aan inschrijving in een openbaar register onderworpen is, worden beheerst door het recht van de lidstaat onder het gezag waarvan het register wordt gehouden. Ook indien de rechters van twee lidstaten zich bevoegd achten om een hoofdinsolventieprocedure te openen, moet dit ihsolventie volgens het vertrouwensbeginsel worden opgelost.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

De curator van een secundaire procedure moet de curator van de hoofdprocedure tijdig de gelegenheid bieden voorstellen in te dienen om de boedel van de secundaire procedure te liquideren of op enigerlei wijze te gebruiken. Any other questions relating to the law of insolvency, such as whether the employees’ claims are protected by preferential rights and the status such preferential rights may have, should be determined by the law of the Member State in which the insolvency proceedings main or secondary have been opened, except in cases where an undertaking to avoid secondary insolvency proceedings has been given in accordance with this Regulation.

The Recast puts strong emphasis on reorganisation proceedings. Na haar inwerkingtreding treedt deze verordening, wat haar toepassingsgebied betreft, in de betrekkingen tussen de lidstaten in de plaats van de tussen twee of meer lidstaten gesloten verdragen, met name van:. The court should be able to grant the temporary stay if it is satisfied that suitable measures are in place to protect the general interest of local creditors.

De beslissing van de rechter die de procedure het eerst heeft geopend, moet in de andere lidstaten worden erkend zonder dat deze de bevoegdheid hebben de beslissing van die rechter te toetsen.

The choice of court shall be made by joint agreement in writing or evidenced in writing. Where the obligation is honoured after such publication has been effected, the person honouring the obligation shall be presumed, in the absence of proof to the contrary, to have been aware of the opening of proceedings.