High Performance Epoxy Primer for steel, aluminium and wood, quick drying and easy to apply for high performance protection. Corrosion protection. Antifouling. Interprotect® is a quick drying, easy to apply two-pack epoxy primer for high performance protection on all rigid substrates. It’s two-component application gives. International Interprotect Epoxy Primer:: Two pack, quick drying anticorrosive epoxy primer for wood, steel and aluminium. Available now at

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internstional Any person using the product without first making further enquiries as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so at his own risk.

Interprotect can be used on all suitably prepared substrates and epoxy primers. High Performance Epoxy Primer for steel, aluminium and wood, quick drying and easy to interproect for high performance protection.

Coarser grades are recommended to achieve optimum adhesion. Not suitable for use on bronze or mixed alloy propellers.

Remove sanding dust by brushing, dusting and wiping. When used as a tie coat intenational Interprime If wiping with solvent then allow to dry completely before applying products recommended for application direct to wood see specific coating systems.


Use angle grinder on small areas. Matt Specific Gravity 1. Lightly gritblast to produce a profile of 50 microns. If filling is required, use appropriate filler after the first coat of Interprotect has been applied. Apply the following number of coats: Suitable for stainless steel trim tabs and stern drive gear. Antifouling tie coat for use over epoxy primers.

Maggiori informazioni Read more. Cookies help us deliver our services. Add Curing Agent to the Base, stir and leave for 10 minutes to allow bubbles to disperse. Prime using a recommended International primer as soon as possible within 8 hours as detailed for specific coating systems. Do not discard tins or pour paint into water courses, use the facilities provided. Interprotect should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage. Disposal of remainders must be arranged for with local authorities.

The information given in this sheet is not intended to be exhaustive. Remainders of Interprotect cannot be disposed of through the municipal waste route or dumped without permit. Degrease with solvent or Super Cleaner.


International Interprotect Primer 2,5 Lt Grey

onternational Prime using a recommended International primer as soon as possible within 8 hours as detailed forspecific coating systems. Before painting, remove any dust with a dust cloth.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I cookie ci aiutano a fornire i nostri servizi. Stir or shake individual components thoroughly. Do not apply when there is a chance of condensation forming on the substrate. Keep out of direct sunlight.

It is best to allow paints to harden before disposal. Sand well using grit paper or power wire brush Clean thoroughly and allow to dry. Clean thoroughly and allow to dry completely. It should not be used over any one-component products. Exposure to air and extremes of temperature should be avoided. Utilizzando tali servizi, accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie da parte nostra. Clean thoroughly and allow to dry.