details from different BATON installations. BATON+. WORKFLOW QC. BATON+ lets users define workflows to represent the stages through which media. Interra Systems provides software solutions to the digital media industry. The company’s solutions includes the leading enterprise-class QC solution – Baton™, . BATON is a Trademark registered with Interra Systems. BATON® Windows Manual Schedule. Smart Folders BATON Services. User Account Management .

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Baton Administrative Task Welcome to the Baton QC automation tutorial.

Product Video Tutorials

Profiling file in Baton This video will explain the functionality of Baton Content Corrector BCC which is an add-on to Baton and helps to correct the media files verified by Baton.

Home Product Video Tutorials. This video will help you understand Built-in test plans. Audio Track Layout in Baton Live Monitoring of Feeds Live Monitoring of Services 9: In this Baton QC automation tutorial, you will learn how to automate various QC processes and manuao to create workflows using smart folders.


Customizing Reports in Baton The different combination of these segements form a slate. You can do this by using Baton Media Player.

Do you wish to analyze an erroneous media file verified by Baton while playing it? We will also address how you can use Baton for the verification of your media files.

This feature helps you to view the verification report in the desired way and saves time and effort.

Interra Systems | Manual Review in Baton

Built-in Test Plans Overview of Test Plans 7. Settings for Slates in Baton Manual Review in Baton The short, “how to” videos allow you to quickly learn about Interra Systems product features and time-saving tips. Baton Media Player 6.

This video will take you through the Administrative Tasks in Baton: Baton Content Corrector Baton Media Player 7. Baton QC Automation This video will explain how you can add comments and ignore errors to the verification report generated by Baton, play errors in Baton Media Player BMP and comments on the timeline in BMP.

See in your media audio track video you often segements of black frames, color bars, freeze frames, silence or test tones. In this introduction to Baton, we will review what Baton is, the applications for Baton and the usage model for Baton.


This video will take you through the Test Plan details: This video will walk you through Audio ,anual Layout in Baton.

Interra Systems | Product Video Tutorial

This video will explain how to Profiling file in Baton. This video will take you through the features and functionality of Baton Content Corrector. Create Baton Test Plans This video will take you through the Baton Media Player overview.

This video will take you through the features and functionality of Baton Test Plans 7. This video will walk you through the customized report template features in Baton. Baton Test Plan This video will abton the capabilities of the Vega HEVC Analyzer, the most in-depth elementary stream analyzer available today and can help you encode standards-compliant, superior-quality HEVC content.