Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin Interview with an Exorcist by José Antonio Fortea The Rite by Matt Baglio The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott I Am Not. by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants . Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA[]. By: FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA. Many current movies like Constantine, Hellboy and.

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May 19, Liam is currently reading it. Apr 05, R. As a result the church, has abandoned exorcism, demonology, and angelology as essential doctrines of the faith, and are content leaving the study of such things to spiritual quacks.

It’s a real fear. Jun 09, Dana Marie rated it it was amazing. But at the time of this first case, I was the only exorcist in Spain. Very interesting for someone curious about such things. Many people believe in demons, or that they are experiencing something. The book is question and answer format which makes it easy to skip sections you don’t want to read.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 24, Lucie Pawlak rated it it was amazing. She told the people in the room that I was asking for her name.

Over the intrview year she returned to my parish many times as a parishioner and is a wonderful young lady. I can’t remember precisely what they were, but it wasn’t a downright heresy. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. He is currently preparing his doctorate in theology in Rome.

Montemayor rated it really liked it Shelves: Although some may argue that demonic possession, demonic infestation, etc. Dec 30, Sheree Krause rated it really liked it Shelves: I do believe in demon possession although I do not believe the assertion that believers indwelled by the Holy Spirit can be possessed. What I’ve witnessed sometimes, though not always, is the ability to speak in other languages, great strength, knowledge of things impossible for them to know, and levitation twice.


Nothing juicy, but some great insight into the mind of an exorcist.

The case was made famous because, to my dismay, they introduced a hidden camera and broadcast it on TV. Most people who call are coming to the priest for advice and counseling for problems they’ve had. In Germany there was no one. Be the first to ask a question about Interview with an Exorcist.

Another case appeared after this one, and I was actually surprised that two cases appeared within a year and a half. Jun 20, Erin interviw it really liked it.

Interview With a Real Life Exorcist

But I’m being a bit too harsh on this book and overall I did learn a new thing or two and enjoyed it. Always went to Catholic schools, have two Aunts that are Nuns, but, do my own research. The examples are pertinent. Fortsa from Interview with an This is a great book full of stories about spiritual encounters the likes of which I have never read anywhere else.

This book tells everything in a clear and concise manner with information as to where he got the answer from such as the bible and the Catholic Catechism. The author explains that withh are degrees to possession which I found extremely interesting.

A nine-year-old child, a lovely child, said that she saw a horrible demon at home, and afterwards she was crying all of the time. Father Fortea acknowledges that up until his adolescence, religion lacked importance for him and that the concept of sin seemed to be a A priest and theologian who specializes in demonology. It does not matter whether these forces are good or evil; a witch or sorcerer seeks to harness their power.


Dry, preachy, catholic propaganda in a Frequently Asked Questions form. Not even the Bishops, or the Pope himself, could memorize the entire Bible, word for word, and repeat entire sections on request.

The explanations are valuable.

We have to distinguish between ordinary temptation from extraordinary phenomenon. A good read, and recommended! I knew so much things about demons and I am very happy to have book. So they carried her to my parish.

Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA, The Mustard Seed Bookshop

exorcit The question and answer format was a great way to direct me to specific issue about which I was curious. If it’s ordinary temptation, they need to pray and increase their spiritual lives. Within five years, changes were clearly starting. Many people think that the people who call in believing they are possessed are crazy.

For someone looking for sensational movie-like or fictional accounts of exorcism, this isn’t the book for you. Written by one of the Church’s foremost experts on the topic, “Interview with an Exorcist” is based on Fr.

He studied theology for the priesthood at the University of Navarra. With the State of the Intervieew now, confessing to a priest who may have done horrific things himself, does not motivate me.