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Hi, I have a troubles with intraweb since version I display have some IWImage in a web form and I load the pictures .GIF) from files with. After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. The demo source can be downloaded by downloading IntraWeb or later at. Can someone explain what StyleRenderOptions->Use Display does? . eb articles. 0 followers.

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I hope someone could help me.

Problem displaying a html file in IWURLWindow – eb

See related articles to this posting. May 8, 7: Because i have problems posting in HTML or with attachments Intrawen have put the description in the following location.

Its all standard Delphi code! Yes, the same message. ApplicationURL instead, and drop the wwwroot. I was concerned about data entry.

Customizing the display of errors

I was wondering inrraweb a component exists to handle options exactly like the grid component you see intraweeb you open “Projects Options” in Delphi Running the Demo We have now covered the important parts of the demo itself.

Delphi will now create a new WebSnap Page Module. I want to have the same principle, but with a vertical list of items on the left of the form to select the required ‘TabSheet’, which I can also select during designtime.


The basics of the file for this purpose are: This does work, however when I move the mouse pointer over it, options to print,save,email etc do not appear. Iintraweb ; begin IWLabel2. What I already tried is to use several panels regions with different contents and hiding-showing them.

Just my two cents. With didplay no support to speak of newsgroups and a manual full of blanks makes this whole technology worthless, ive spent time and money buying this and TMS comps to go with it and ive had nothing but trouble from day one, utter rubbish dont waste your time.

Welcome, Guest Login Guest Settings.

It is not that difficult to create a date selector using 3 combo boxes, and a little logic. This works like a charm!

Then, using your original EXE The problem is that we need inraweb be able to display formatted text in each line. It will then collect your vote and tabulate it with other voters.

Have you the same problem with both original EXE?

Developer Tools

I suggest you to remove the content handler and let all the exceptions propagate to the client as they should.

Please could you provide the option to remove the command menu toolbar, via the View menu.

Your project does not work as it should but I’m not sure if dis;lay is IW fault. You can do whatever you like to make it work ijtraweb your project. Using the combo boxes allows the user to use the Tab key to move through the form. Maybe I do something wrong or I don’t understand demo. You have to buy a 3rd party library, or build your own.


The Final Frontier was truly horrid.

Dec 24, 6: Trust disllay, I had tried almost all the variables, changed folders, synchronized the wwwroot folder and pulled off my hair. The event needs to look like this:. Legend Helpful Answer 5 pts Correct Answer 10 pts. Delphi will then create an IntraWeb Page Form as shown here: Tobject ; var i: All work fine until version When not programming, he likes to cycle, kayak, hike, downhill ski, drive, and do just about anything outdoors.

This instructs the form to automatically parse the HTTP variables and set the component states accordingly.

Double click on the button and add this code: The dialog is shown here: Here is the code for the OnRender: Jan 1, 2: