Intususcepción: diagnóstico y manejo en niños y adultos. Rev Med Cos Cen ; 73 (). Language: Español References: Page: PDF: . Intestinal intussusception secondary to myofibroblastic tumour in an elderly patient. Case reportIntususcepción intestinal secundaria a tumor miofibroblástico en. Intususcepción e invaginación son los términos que se utilizan para describir la introducción en forma telescópica espontánea de una porción del intestino en.

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Fourteen patients with these characteristics were found from an analysis ofclinical records. Enhancement surrounding the intussusception can be seen after the injection of contrast. Linfoma primario de colon.

However, we consider it important to take associated symptoms into account and on the basis of these conduct more accurate diagnostic studies to rule out a tumor origin if not done previously; moreover, the diameter and length of the invagination, together with the presence or absence of an associated lesion, and the type of invagination are predictors of spontaneous resolution 13, This is shown by our series of patients diagnosed with enteric invagination but with no signs of lesions, who were treated conservatively and showed a satisfactory resolution of symptoms only a few days after diagnosis.

Currently, chemotherapy alone is the gold standard treatment and is complementary to surgery, as in our patient Bowel sounds were present.

Abdominal ultrasound revealed an image compatible with intestinal intussusception and hypoechoic lesions on the colon wall consistent with diffuse lymphomatous infiltration of mucosa and submucosa.

Ann Surg ; Case Report A year-old man with a history of HIV infection diagnosed 20 years before, anti-hepatitis C antibodies and inhaled drug abuse was admitted to our hospital with a 20 day history of intermittent abdominal colicky pain, predominantly on the periumbilical region and in psdiatria left flank, and fever, night sweats and weight loss 5 kg during.

A retrospective descriptive study was conducted on all patients aged over 16 years who were diagnosed with intestinal invagination, both preoperatively and postoperatively, between January and January in any of the clinical departments at Morales Meseguer University Hospital Murcia, Intususcspciona center pediartia a population of aroundinhabitants.


Depending on the nature of this lead point, the cause of the enteric intussusceptions was benign in 3 cases and malignant in 2.

Intususcepción en el adulto: Revisión de 14 casos y su seguimiento

The two remaining unoperated cases intususcepcion with ileocolic intussusception, the etiology of which was intususepcion one case itnususcepcion to pancolitis in a patient undergoing transplantation for AML-M5, and in the other intususcepcion to intususcepcion lymphoid intususcepcion confirmed by biopsy Intususcepvion IV. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. In the colon the possibility of malignancy is greater intususecpcion usually adenocarcinomas. CHOP cyclophosphamide, doxorubicine, vincristine and prednisonewith or without rituximab, is the most used regimen in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients 6.


In the ileocecal location, the valve acts as the initial point of the invagination Present to your audience Start remote presentation. The lesion disappeared after 3 days to 6 weeks in patients with conservative management. J Gastrointest Cancer ; Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; 99 Many reviews intuususcepcion a pediatriia intususcepcion to resection, which we rule out with any intususcepcion of invagination due to a possible mobilization of a non-benign lesion and our doubts as to bowel inttususcepcion if it required surgery for associated symptoms.

This suggests the possibility of spontaneous invaginations with a intususceepcion unknown incidence and a conservative treatment as yet not promulgated by many surgeons Clinical case A female of 69 years pediahria partial bowel obstruction secondary to intestinal intussusception due to an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour, a rarely diagnosed condition and never published before. Se siguieron durante 28,25 meses de media rango meses.

Intussusception in the adult-a rare disease. Typical ultra-sonographic features associated with intussusception include the “target sign” or “doughnut sign” on transverse plane and “pseudo-kidney sign” or “hayfork sign” on longitudinal view.

Dig Surg ; 20 5: Subacute intestinal obstruction secondary to colonic lipoma intussusception. However, the etiology is difficult to determine in a preoperative study, since edema or hemorrhagic intussusception may simulate a mass at this level 12which is why the etiological diagnosis will be established either with other biopsy-related tests or during pathological examination after sampling.

Am J Surg ; The most common locations are the cecum and the left colon; colonoscopy, ultrasound and computed tomography scan findings are similar to those of epithelial tumors 6.


Acta Gastroenterol Latinoam ; Immunohistochemistry revealed that neoplastic cells were positive for CD20 Fig.

There were only two patients in whom diagnosis was established intraoperatively: The present review aims to show pediatriaa hospital’s year experience with this condition: CT 8 from 10 cases were diagnosed correctlyabdominal ultrasonography 6 preoperative diagnoses of the 12 who received itopaque enema 2 diagnoses of the 4 tests performedcolonoscopy 2 diagnoses from 5 testsdouble balloon enteroscopy a single case and a single correct diagnosisand intestinal transit with no diagnosis.

Miscellaneous causes include post-operative adhesions, benign lesions lipoma, leiomyoma and adenomatous polypsendometriosis pediiatria tuberculosis 9, On the transverse plane, “target sign” or “doughnut sign” with the invaginated intestinal loop Fig.

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Intussusception as clinical presentation of primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the colon in a HIV-patient. Generally, this complication is associated with the obstruction to the passage of the intestinal content as well as the reduction of the vascular flow with ischemia and necrosis of the intestinal wall 1.

Lastly, colocolic lesions, the least common in our series, were all benign. The diagnosis and management of adult intussusception. Present to your audience.

Please log in to add your comment. Br J Surg ; In the small bowel they are characterized as benign lesions such as hamartomas, lipomas, leiomyomas, inflammatory adenomas, Meckel’s diverticulums, adhesions, etc. A transverse hemicolectomy with resection of 18 cm of the colon with a termino-terminal anastomosis was made. Lastly, colocolic inttususcepcion, the least common in our series, were all benign.

A year-old man with a history of HIV infection diagnosed 20 years before, anti-hepatitis C antibodies and inhaled drug abuse was admitted to our hospital with a 20 day history of intermittent abdominal colicky pain, predominantly on the periumbilical region and in the left flank, and fever, night sweats and weight loss 5 kg during.