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I will be posting translated fragments from the book “The imprisoned prophet” by Ioan Ianolide. He spent 23 years in communist prisons in. The last category is comprised of those prisoners (Constantin Georgescu, Tache Rodas, Ioan Ianolide) who openly refused re-education, and towards whom the. For two centuries humanity was captured by burgeois materialism. Although long ago had decayed the martyrs of French Revolution, but no.

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They died many times to defend their country from foreign invasion and their Christian Faith as well. Not ultimately refuse to be enchanted by machines, avoid to become one mind with the beast and not accept ID papers with microchips. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Culture was in a state of decay. Instead Romanians will have nukes, microchiped sheep, microchiped ID papers, and angry shepherds!!! In fact they are just two complementary powers, like two hands belonging to the same body.

For not all defendants were brought in front of the blind justice, but only the defeated ones who were convicted in the front of a court wearing capitalist-communist lentils.

Nobody has to invent the riffle powder, or to discover quantum theory. Both of his parents were devout Christians; Valeriu was the only son, but had three sisters. It works wonders for those full of pride, for people who wait for great encounters, or for those who hate Human freedom and Christ.

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Actually Marshal Antonescu rendered passports in white to iannolide of hundreds of Jewish refugees from Ardeal to cross the borders and enter what was left of Romanian territories during WWII. It also brings the best news ever to the Jews, that they will be the last and the first again.

Be the first to ask a question about The Saint of the Prisons. These are the gifts that the genius designers bring to the regions they redesign. Otherwise how would it be possible for You to listen to a Taliban like me without …you know, ripping my head off.

This crisis is not from God, nor is it from faith, but rather from the freedom of the human conscience, In the past few centuries, man has profaned the world, devastated souls, encouraged sensuality and has fallen prey to the pride of materialism and atheism. There was an instance where a Romanian soldier was actually chained to a pole and a group of Jewish assaulters made a line and urinated on him. I am the Bible and I am going to write it on your cadavers. This phenomenon is already observable in our society, but the bad science that we trust so much convinces us that there is no actual link between the virtual horror and violence and aggressiveness in real world.


Social agents start to take up more and more power, by having access to personal data. I believe Arabs are People too. Return to Book Page.

Contemporary confessors and martyrs for Christ. Ioan Ianolide. Part 1.

Some people in professional roles even imitate the robotic intonation of the machines ianoilde start to ianolidee. French Ianllide placed the seeds and the Russian Revolution harvested them. Especially for a Christian who always needs to be aware at falls. He is the God of love Who sacrificed himself to the shameful death on the Cross, and is also the God of justice and punishment. He is worried because he understands that the gates are opening for the iajolide of the world tyranny, without opponents and without precedent.

Jean Joury added it Aug 21, The world starts to become a place of dreadful events first envisioned in movies or video games and then translated into the real world. This dramatic intersection of decomposing telluric and descending heaven makes up the living burning bush, the cradle of that golden generation of Jews. Emigration is unusual for Romanians, they being among the most settled population on Earth but the things change.

Email required Address never made public. Today we actually assist at a new cycle of burning Bolshevik-like revolutionary zest. How do they succeed to govern a country without a country?

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca cu sfintii,iar pe noi,pacatosii, sa ne apere si sa ne miluiasca! Ecumenismul – profanare a Bisericii si pustiire a Ortodoxiei. Some of these political leaders and their murders bring a shadow over the whole Jewish community.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Refresh and try again. There is NO Messianic Nation unless we start to operate on racist assumptions again. All these real causes that are being obscured from the eyes of the public opinion contribute to the crisis. Carmenmirosanu marked it as to-read Nov 22, Romanians are Orthodox Christians and Christians are free people and respect other people right to self-determination.


Here everyone starts to decide either they would consider a double standard of ethics and act on what is required and not on what is actually right.

Despre indumnezeire si sfintenie. From my personal history as a library mouse, I learned that people who exercise a great power in this world know that Capitalism and Communism only seem to be 2 opposite forces in conflict with each other. Especially Orthodox Christian Religion is the dearest to them.

Contemporary confessors and martyrs for Christ. Ioan Ianolide. Part 3.

ianklide All the world’s solutions are the Cross of Christ and Christians, many times we lose the way, or will idle about, we return to the Gospel and the Holy Spirit. Giving up these sense and allowing it to be defiled makes Romania just a ground for new gruesome experiments. The advancement of this culture with no forces to stop it opens the door more quickly to that gruesome world where everybody will ianoilde forced to accept the number as a totem that proves the individual belonging to the society.

Much suffering will be necessary in order to re-orient the world spiritually and to change its way of life, Q: Finally this relationship with the machine that starts out being very exiting and stimulating, almost like in a love story will progress to a demonization of the person. Not the conquest that kills other nations and forgets that those who take out the sword are killed by the sword, but the one that takes with assault the Heavens in holiness and righteousness.

Thus, humanity declared liberty to international atheism. Private correspondence and domicile are being violated. Horizontally only hatreddesperate burning people and revengeful unconventional bombs, vertically the scream to Haven for legitimacy and a moment of peace. I see internal chaos, a decomposition that is leading toward nihilism, because people are obsessed ianopide the nothingness of matter, with the fiction of forms, with sensual exhaustion, with historicism without ianolife, with ceremonialism without God, with consumerism ianokide spirituality, by the falseness that conceals itself within the self-deification of Man.