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PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed. ISO System of Limits and Fits Orttech recommends that the ISO system of limits and fits (ISO R) be used for tolerancing of bore and shaft machining, and for. Scope of the ISO System The ISO System of Limits and Fits relates to tolerances on plain parts or components and to the fits corresponding to their assembly.

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All tolerance within ISO standard basis system.

ID4 Recall applicable disciplinary procedures. MM26 Set up a workpiece on a rotary table. Torque to specified standard. CL3 Recall the parts of a centre lathe.

Correct zeroing method applied. SF4 Attend a first aid course. Dividing head calculations correct. Trusted by Industry across the world for over 40 years Whatever your data acquisition needs are, MeasurLink is the solution that supports them the way you need an SPC software to! MM13 Cut a key.


Standard Details

Fits according to standard gauges. All sizes within 0,05mm. ID5 Recall company rules and procedures.

Toolpost and chuck spanners to fit properly. Correct to inside surfaces.

Collars and cutter positioned correctly. No damage to threads and bolt heads. Gages in the system can be tagged against measurement data to ensure an audit trail that the data has come from an appropriate gage. This proven design is in an assembled chain that is highly durable and wear resistant. This view displays the capability values for variable characteristics in a scrolling view, highlighting capabilities above target in green and capabilities below target in red.

HS15 Harden and temper a punch. HT3 Maintain measuring, checking, forming, cutting, marking and fastening tools and tooling aids. Correct according to eccentric lines.

Stud ends flush with link. DS2 Interpret relevant symbols, abbreviations and tolerances. No damage to components.

abc H/2. ABC TOOLS Catalogo utensili professionali e Strumenti da Lavoro

HT4 Use hand tools applicable to the trade. DS8 Compile a material list from iao drawings. The chart has multiple pareto options that also includes corrective action, can display subgroup or observation level information, and can filter “bad” data.


GR2 Grind external and internal surfaces. All tolerance according to ISO R standard. CL7 Turn an external parallel workpiece. For further advice, or to find out how our range of chain and sprockets can enhance your application, follow the link below and contact our team.

This module supports managing gages with multiple measurement specifications, allows the user to create fully-annotated calibration procedures and offers advanced scheduling of gage events.

AS8 Fit seals to components. HF9 Case harden and temper tools, components and workpieces. Correct centre height of specific tool and application.