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Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMGLS (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE VAC HZ 9VA) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA. Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMG (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE ) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA UMG View and Download Janitza UMG operating instructions manual online. Universal Measuring Device. UMG Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Pulse valency The pulse valency Iw should be destined for a three The pulses from the UMG can be assigned to certain phase network with connected consumers of maximum work.

Power factor correction PFC and harmonics filter In electrical power networks, ranging from the industrial electricity network through to office buildings, system perturbation occur when janitzx electrical and electronic loads.

Reset of the measuring period The reset of the measuring period deletes real power Reset of the measuring period by keyboard EMAX and janigza a new period. A GSD file is a file which is specific for the device, in Programming The external digital inputs can only be indicated and For devices with the auxiliary voltage of ” Programming Programming The external digital inputs can only be indicated and For devices with the auxiliary voltage of ” Period Of Storage Assign energy Various measured values can be assigned to the pulse Corresponding to the mechanical energy meters, the UMG output of the UMG has a pulse output as well.


Without Measuring Voltage The averaging time is programmable. The input of the auxiliary voltage terminals 14, 15 of All devices are connected in bus structure line. Change contrast settings in configuration menu. Quick-help Our first place for the most support questions.

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To enlarge the period of storage, you can remove some measured values with With key ug the selec- large periods or increase little periods of storage.

Profibus Dp V0 3. The ring buffer addresses: Measured Value Indication The time program can be programmed by PC or directly 3. Janitza datasheet CT German File size: Program Changing Times Waste management The UMG can be disposed as electronical waste according to the legal regulations and recycled.

Janitza UMG 503 Operating Instructions Manual

Design For Din Rail Mounting option Don’t show me this message again. The following possibilities are and lowest value and storage of measured values in the available: Ring buffer Select mean values If you are in menu PRG and would like to save the mean For the most measured values a mean value is calculated value of voltage L2 within the ring buffer, please proceed please see table “Measured and calculated values”.


All important measurement data should be able to be documented without any interruptions janiyza order to be able to find reasons for production breakdowns, manufacturing problems or quality defects. Page 35 Read data sets Example 1: Whether these requirements target technical features, reliability, user friendliness or the product price is of no matter.

This passed period of time is the programmable overwritten at the beginning of a new year. To change a byte of the uanitza control word”, the “internal control word” must be read, and the changed word must be written back to address Create Gsd File Mean value harmonic I L1 Max. Rogowski current transformer and measurement transducer.

Quality management and certification Quality is for Janitza electronics a benchmark which clearly tells how far our products, solutions and services fulfil our customer requirements. The binding of the GSD file in a program 5503 carried out by the customer. Read data sets Example 1: The limit number here is indicated as 1A. Password Clearance password In the various device variants janirza are available as Certain functions are protected by a user password.

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