Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August Following his . File:Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg Polski: Pierwsza strona relacji Jankiela Wiernika “Rok w Treblince” wydanej w Jankiel (or Yankel)-Yaakov Wiernik (in Hebrew: יעקב ויירניק; born , Biala Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg × ; KB.

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Day was just breaking and I thought that nature itself would come to our aid and send down streaks of lightning to strike our tormentors.

The function of this building was a secret. There were no longer any rich or poor, for they all were equal before God’s throne.

Rok w Treblince = A year in Treblinka (Book, ) []

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Wei Sun rated it it was amazing Dec 29, However, we had nothing definite to go on and the contact was janikel off again. I never learned for what purpose the hair was used. To the casual observer the camp presented a rather innocuous appearance and made the impression of a genuine labor camp. While the Germans ate terblince midday meal, between noon and 1 p. After the work on the gas chambers had been completed, I was transferred back to Camp No.

Then, one day, as I was busy working near the gate, I noticed quite a different spirit among the German garrison and the Ukrainian guards.

Then came the usual routine, commands, and so forth. One of the guards, Woronkov, tortured us savagely, killing some of the jankirl each day. The gangsters are standing near the ashes, shaking with satanic laughter. But alas, it had been decided that janklel was to perish wiwrnik with the Jews, because she had seen too much and would be liable to tell all about what she had seen, which was supposed to be shrouded in secrecy.


All of Franz’s talk was spiced profusely with his usual wiegnik. Under a rain of blows from whips and rifle butts the rest of us were driven into the barracks, which were dark and had no floors. But on their arrival in Treblinka they were faced with stark reality. Plans had been made for a new performance and new costumes obtained for it, but the show never took place because of our successful revolt and escape.

When corpses of pregnant women were cremated, their bellies would burst open. I sacrificed all those nearest and dearest to me. We convinced the Germans that it would be better if the corpses would be cremated as soon as possible and said that there were volunteers among us who, for extra bread rations, would gladly work overtime. A pack of dogs, along with Germans and Ukrainians, had been let loose on us.

I am a nomad. I had the feeling that zero hour was approaching and that the end was really in sight. As for myself, all I hoped for was to be able to crawl into some quiet patch of woodland and get some quiet, restful sleep. The commands were given in the Polish language, and by and large we were treated politely. Angela rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Some people who had been spared from another form of death, which I shall discuss later on, would become yellow and swollen from hunger and finally drop dead.

The Scharfuhrer continued to beat us with whips and rifle butts at every step as we were being lined up. Accordingly, the Germans and the Ukrainians processed the victims without help. He understood us and was sorry for us. Nov 12, Jamie Hankiel rated it it was amazing. The rest of us tossed their bodies into the ditches without further ado. Jews from foreign countries brought considerable luggage with them.


There was no end to macabre ww. And, most important, there is always the right man in the right place.

Jankiel Wiernik – Wikipedia

We were faced with what was termed “eviction,” meaning eviction into the great beyond under untold tortures. When I arrived at the camp, three gas chambers were already in operation; another ten were added while I was there. When I gave mankiel a questioning look, he stopped beating me for a moment and said, “If you weren’t the carpenter around here, you would be killed. He later wrote in his book: Overcrowding and lack of air killed many of them in a very painful way.

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Where would they dispose of their pilfering? Jewish-owned buildings in the vicinity were being dismantled at the time. The women begged for mercy, with eyes closed so as to shut out the grisly scene, but their tormentors only leered at them and kept their victims in agonizing suspense for minutes on end. When the chambers were opened again, many of the victims were only half dead and had to be finished off with rifle butts, bullets or powerful kicks.

The Germans watched them and frequently took the loot away from them.

Sammi Meyer rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Jajkiel saw there a number of people I had known in Warsawbut they had changed so much that it was difficult to recognize them.