The M.J.Q.’s formative role in the “cool jazz” movement of the early s is just one To help you hear — really hear — Giddins and DeVeaux. JAZZ Scott Deveaux and Gary Giddins _e19_p indd 11/24/08 PM JAZZ i 11/24/ The story of jazz as it has never been told before, from the inside out: a comprehensive, eloquent, scrupulously researched page-turner. In this vivid history of.

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Landmark recordings are condensed into a play-by-play commentary, allowing anyone to follow along gidrins genius on display. Beyond the descriptions and definitions of what jazz is, who its major players are, and how it came to be and adapt in relation to American history, Jazz provides readers with an opportunity to become active listeners.

The book includes analyses – down to the second – of several dozen tracks, most of which are deveax to find and listen to on Spotify. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, yet written in an entertaining and enjoyable narrative style, this is truly a book for jazz lovers of all backgrounds.

JAZZ Scott Deveaux and Gary Giddins | Thien Doan –

To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Preview — Jazz by Gary Giddins. So many kudos to DeVeaux’s history for not disregarding my heroes.

Jazz by Gary Giddins. With vibrant photographs by legendary jazz chronicler Herman Leonard, Jazz is also an arresting visual history of a century of music. Hardcoverpages. Gary Giddins and Scott DeVeaux tell jazs is truly a fascinating story of artistry and beauty and tragedy and, well, love, in their highly accessible new history of this most misunderstood of American art forms.

From ragtime and blues to the international craze for swing, from the heated protests of the avantgarde to the radical diversity of today’s artists, Jazz describes the travails and triumphs of musical innovators struggling for work, respect, and cultural acceptance set against the backdrop of American history, commerce, and politics.


His new book, Jazzis a new deceaux for novice listeners and longtime fans alike.

Gary Giddins: 101 Ways To Get Into ‘Jazz’

If only a great book like “Jazz” was around 25 years ago. But hey if Wynton said nothing happened after 68 and the avant garde was meaningless and “not jazz” then how you mazz argue with Wynton? Annoying tendency to downplay race and identity politics to focus on strict history. These collected works were never meant to be a “Best Of” list, only an alphabetized guide to some jazz records that warrant your listening with an empathetic ear.

Quick read and pretty complete. Timothy rated it really liked it Dec 02, With Jazz, the musicologist Scott DeVeaux and the jazz critic Gary Giddins seek to present an innovative jazz history survey, one more attuned to social contexts and better at initiating listeners than existing works.

Charles Yaris rated it it was amazing Jun 21, This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. There are even some laudatory comments about landmark rock albums. Concerto for Billy the Kid Audio for this story is unavailable. You can’t help but get caught up in the drama.

It’s a different Bill Evans than most of us know. All the most influential artists were covered and an outline of jazz history constructed. In all a comprehensive history of the art, with audio examples. Quick jaza and pretty complete.

The more you listen to it, the more you admire his jwzz. From inside the book. And the authors don’t stop with powerful character studies. But there’s much more, all imbued with the coauthors’ love for and understanding of the music, in all its many facets—and as a living, still evolving language.


Refresh and try again. The Trumpet, Jazz, and American Culture.

Jazz | Journal of American History | Oxford Academic

Apr 18, Sam Poole rated it liked it Shelves: This book is destined to become an important resource, one that confronts crucially important musical and social issues in depth—and with passion. Sign In Forgot password? The parsing of the selected recordings is brilliantly done, and this feature alone makes the book a must, for beginners and seasoned fans.

Which makes it more of a project than a book, so I’m psyched to get to it sometime when I have a month of Sundays deveaus kill. With a little effort, the reader comes to understand what jazz is trying to do, how its genuises advanced the girdins and why it all matters. He would play stride, swing, bop and free, as well as anybody was playing free.

They explain what jazz is, where it came from, and who created it and why, all within the broader context of American life and culture. Don’t have an account? This new work skillfully blends both approaches in a deeply informed and analytical way that is clear for beginners Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sprawling and enlightening at points, excessive and misguided at others.

Emphasizing its African American roots, Jazz traces the history of the music over the last hundred years. It is sure to become the industry standard, cherished by students as well as aficionados, who may dispute its judgments but will surely keep it close at hand as an essential reference.