Basically to create a JTabbedPane component in Java, one should follow Use JTabbedPane(JTabbedPane. . Java Annotations Tutorial. 5. Java JTabbedPane class – Java Swing Tutorial Explaining the JTabbedPane Component. Java JTabbedPane – The java swing JTabbedPane control is available in Swing. This component appears as a group of folders in a file cabinet.

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Add a tab with a label at the end of all tabs As the TabbedPaneDemo example shows, a jtabedpane can have a tool tip and a mnemonic, and it can display both text and an image. When building components to add to a tabbed pane, keep in mind that no matter which child of a tabbed pane is visible, each child gets the same amount of space in which to display itself.

JTabPane with TextField in the tab Adds a jtabbedpsne tab to the tabbed pane. Adds tool tips to a table using a renderer Put the cursor over a tab.

The user chooses which component to view by selecting the tab corresponding to the desired component.

Resize the dialog box by moving its left or right boundary so that tabs do not fit within the dialog. It does not select a new tab. Get the index of the tab by matching the child component. Click the arrow to view one of the hidden tabs. Alternatively, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index. The tabbed pane displays the component corresponding to the tab.



JTabbedPane « Swing « Java Tutorial

Changing background, foreground and jtxbbedpane Sets or gets which character should be decorated to represent the mnemonic. As the previous code shows, the addTab method handles the bulk of the work in setting up a tab in a tabbed pane. The following tables list the commonly used JTabbedPane constructors and methods.

Changing background, foreground and icon. Navigate between scrollable tabs. Get the index of the first tab that matches an icon. The same component cannot be used for several tabs. The API for using tabbed panes falls into the following categories:.

JTabbedPane « Swing « Java Tutorial

The code below, taken from ButtonTabComponent. Note that event-handling code is necessary. Restore the tabs that have been removed by choosing the Reset JTabbedPane item from the Options menu.

The first optional argument specifies tuttorial the tabs should appear.

As the user clicks the button, the actionPerformed method determines the index of the tab it belongs to and removes the corresponding tab. Add Button to tab bar.

To create a tabbed pane, instantiate JTabbedPanecreate the components you wish it to display, and then add the components to the tabbed pane using the addTab method. Get the index of the tab by matching the child component A tool tip associated with the close button appears.


If you do not understand how preferred size is used, please refer to How Layout Management Works. This example provides scrollable tabs.

Click the cross with the left mouse button to close the tab. Add a tab with a label taken from the name of the jtabbedpqne The component argument specifies the component that the tabbed pane should show when the tab is selected.

The fourth argument, if present, specifies the tool tip text for the tab. Changing tab’s title, icon, mnemonic, tooltip, or component on a particular tab with one of the setXXXAt methods. Display the tabs with components by selecting the Use TabComponents checkbox again.

The use of custom components brings new features such as buttons, combo boxes, labels and other components to tabs, and allows more complex user interaction. Sets or gets the background or foreground color used tjtorial the tab at the specified index.