I often prefer to do a sliding or “jumping” genioplasty to correct this. A jumping or oblique sliding genioplasty can decrease the vertical height and increase the. Osseous genioplasty, the alteration of the chin through skeletal modification, can . the requirement—advancement (sliding/jumping), pushback, sideways—and. Additional degrees of freedom can be obtained by using a jumping genioplasty. • Reduction genioplasty is every bit as difficult as augmentation genioplasty.

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Mandibular setback with genioplasty for prognathism in a year- old female subject: With the chin occupying a place of such significance in the human facial profile, it comes as a great surprise that it has been often neglected when alterations or improvements in profiles have been demanded by patients. It lacked sufficient projection, so she had another one placed 8 months later Figure 3, A and B.

The genioplasty was performed using standard protocols of assessment and execution. This shortens the genioplawty and gives more projection of the lower border. FHorizontal wedge resection with diverging cuts to remove.

This girl has a mentalis bump that’s midway up her chin. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; This patient’s jowling accentuates her chin deformity and so a face lift would help in improving her overall appearance.

The patient expressly sought and demanded a non radical tip change and a cautious size reduction of the overall nose, which made the case candidate for basic endonasal reduction rhinoplasty to apply dorsal hump resection, lateral and paramedial osteotomies, cephalic trimming of lower lateral cruras, resection of the depressor septi nasi muscle in order to treat the plunging tip dynamic deformity and a slight tip deprojection; open structure rhinoplasty techniques were not applied although would have been indicated according to patients discretion.


Under general anesthesia, an intraoral approach was made to the chin.

AFront and Blateral views of a year-old woman who had a chin implant placed 4 years ago. The implant is close to the softer alveolar bone over the roots of her lower incisors, whereas the bone at the very lower mandibular border is harder; actually one of the hardest bones in the body.

Osseous genioplasty: A case series Deshpande SN, Munoli AV – Indian J Plast Surg

Post-operative chin strapping to reduce edema and aid reattachment of labiomental soft tissues Click here to view. Would anybody tackle the soft tissue and leave the bone as is?

The treatment should always involve dental restoration. Not included in standard quotations are, among others, non basic preoperative tests, pre and postoperative consultant referrals for assessment, additional garments, non hospital supplies materials, drugs, etc.

Modern surgeons initially used autogenous materials including bone grafts iliac crest and costochondral grafts as onlay grafts for augmentation of the mentum. The role of facial disproportion.

Dr. Alejandro Nogueira’s Case #IFJA79PQ

How do you determine size of the implant base? Operation der Iumping und Mikogenie. It if often compared to a chin implant and doctors often tout one versus the other for aesthetic chin augmentation.


In a sliding genioplasty the amount of forward movement of the chin is limited to the anteroposterior thickness of the mandibular symphysis. I don’t routinely see resorption because I don’t routinely obtain radiograms of these patients.

Plast Reconstr Surg ; Surgical procedures to correct mandibular prognathism and reshaping of the chin. The osteotomy was performed either with a fissure burr or with reciprocating and oscillating saws, ensuring that the cortex on both sides was cut.

Note the long screw used for fixation of ramus osteotomy in the region of mandibular molar tooth which was exposed and needed removal Click here to view. Hopefully she will be able to undergo a mandibular advancement in the future. Little Brown and Co Inc,; DHorizontal osteotomy of symphyseal region with posterior displacement of segment. Evaluation jumoing treatment of deformities of the chin.

However, he did not demand either a reversal or a redo of the procedure.

Osseous genioplasty: A case series

A low level horizontal bone cut as made below the mental foramens. The osteotomised segment was well maintained in its new position with good bony union and minimal resorption. Henry Kawamoto, Craig A. I don’t want the chin point genioplaety front of the vertical line from the lower lip, and this patient’s is a little too anterior.