Set in the grim slums of Dublin during the Irish civil war of –23, the play chronicles the Juno and the Paycock, tragicomedy in three acts by Sean O’ Casey. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the. Setting. The living apartment of a two-room Tenancy of the Boyle Family, in a tenement house in Dublin. Period of the play,

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That’s afther puttin’ the heart across me — I could ha’ sworn it was Juno, I’d betther be goin’, Captain; you couldn’t tell the minute Juno’d hop in on us. Plsy was a problem with your submission. What do I care what you dhress yourself in! Ey, houl’ on, there; houl’ on, there 1 You’ll wait for your money now, me lassie! Ah, leave Johnny alone, an’ don’t be annoyin’ him! Plaintively I’ll knock out a bit somewhere, never fear. I’ve lost junk arm, an’ me hip’s desthroyed so that I’ll never be able to walk right agen!

I forgot juo didn’t hold with us: This is me husband; Mr. Boyle — I’m quite all right here, thank you. An’ what was he himself, only a school teacher?


BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Characters – CCEA – Revision 2

BOYLE looks at him for a few moments, and shakes his head. Vincent De Paul Society. The living apartment of a two-room Tenancy of the Boyle Family, in a tenement house in Dublin. BOYLE enters; it is apparent from the serious look on her face that some- thing has happened.

Here, sit down an’ take your breakfast, an’ go an’ get ready; an’ don’t be actin’ as if you couldn’t pull a wing out of a dead bee.

He signs a paper, puts it into the case, which he shuts’ with a snap, and sits back pompously in the chair. Oh, you’ll do a lot o’ good as long as you continue to be a butty o’ Joxer’s! The whole thing is terrible, Mrs. Another dhrop o’ whisky, Mrs. None betther on th’ beach as Docker, I’ll go bail, ‘Tis now I’m feelin 1 lonely, for to-day he lies injail. The mother, Juno so called because all of the important events in her life took place in Juneis the only member of the family currently working, as daughter Mary is on strike and son Johnny is disabled, having lost his arm in the War of Independence.

We won’t be long away, Mrs. Open the door, Mary, an’ give them a bit o’ light. This Life-Breath is called the Prawna. A very unpleasant example of how Captain Boyle cares for no one but himself is seen after Mrs Tancred delivers her devastating speech about the death of her son.


You’re seldom asthray, Joxer, but you’re wrong shipped this time. Bring us in a dhrink o’ wather. She settled in the United States and…. I hear all about Mrs.

Juno and the Paycock

Bentham, in this chair; it’s more comfortabler than that, Mr. Paycick what ud prevent me from gettin’ th money? Them sentiments does you credit. A nice way you were in last night — carried in in a frog’s march, dead to the world.

I wondher if you were in my condition, would you call it good news?

Oh, Joxer was here, Joxer was here! MARY breaks away and rushes out. Are yous goin’ to have that thing bawlin’ an’ the funeral of Mrs. Ah, wear whatever ribbon you like, girl, only don’t be botherin’ me.

I left t’other bottle o’ plat on the table. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Mannin’, lost her Free State soldier son.

Did you ever know me to twist; did you ever know me to twist? Not even a line, mother.