Foster’s compliment that Kanthapura is the finest novel to come out of India in recent years is . incarnate on the Earth and free my beloved daughter from her. Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura () is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura. The novel is narrated in the form of a. Get this from a library! Kanthapura. Free eBook from the Internet Archive. Close # Kanthapura.

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The Government has sent me here, and I need a house to live in. He asks for two charkas. Anonymous 16 November at And one, too, I heard, went and married a Mohomedan.

Summary of the Novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

They were always badly dressed and always paid revenues due and debts after several notices. I have the texts. And men on foot and horse lanthapura cart came from Kanthur and Subbur and Tippur and Bebbur to see Moorthy and join us. She will appear before the judges and free him.

But what I fear for tomorrow is not the disorder in the material world, but the corruption of castes and of the great traditions our ancestors have bequeathed us. He looked a veritable Dharmaraja.

readings: Free English Literature Notes: Summary of the novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

Bhatta of course profited by tHe occasion and added a few acres more to his own domain. Perhaps he has already slipped back to the Skeffington Coffee Estate. But nobody would say anything against him.

Vasudevappa docs not speak like that, docs he? The Mahatma is a man of God; in his name do not drink and bring sin upon yourself and upon your com- munity! I find it much helful. She has never failed us, I assure you, our Kcnchamma.

You remember how Krishna, when he was but a babe of four, had begun to fight against kanthapurx and had killed the serpent Kali. Ramu was not his son or nephew, but just a distant relation.

Why should not Pariah Rachanna and Sampanna learn to read and to write? And today, as we stood on the Skeflington Road, broad and bright with the margosa trees that lined it to the iron gate, where two giant banyans hovered from cither side, as wc looked up the hill, up the twisted road kantgapura past the trees to the porch and the stables and the bamboo nettings of the bungalow, a shiver cree down our backs, and we all wondered how Moorthy could stand so near the gate.


Moorthy continues his fight against injustice and social inequality and becomes a staunch ally of Gandhi. And then he asked, 4 Who among you will join the Panchayat?

There must be an end to this chatter. But the snake that is as short as he is wicked is the green snake. But the afternoon sun is heavy and piercing and as each axe splits the wood or as each pick tears the earth, from head and armpit and waist the perspiration flows down the body, and when the eyes are hot and the head dizzy, Rachanna and Chandranna and Madanna and Siddayya lean back against the trunks of the jacks, and the freckled, hard bark sweats out a whiff of moisture that brings out more perspiration and then the body grows dry and balmed; but when the eyes seek the livid skies across the leaves, there is something dark and heavy rising from the other side of the hill, something heavy and hard and black, and the trees begin suddenly to tremble and hiss, and as Rachanna and 75 Chandranna and Madanna and Siddayya strike their axes against the wood, there is a nkvel and grunt from behind the bamboo cluster — and the gurgle and grunt soar up and swallow in the whole sky.

When that cur Puttayya slipped through the night and plastered up the drain and let all the canal water into his fields and let mine get baked up in the sun, do you think kind words kxnthapura go with him? I heard only the other day that in the Mysore Sanscrit College some pariahs sought admission.

And if these gentlemen want to arrest us, let them. She was nearing sixty-five years of age, and it was not for nothing she gree borne eleven children, five of them dead; and of the remaining six, Moorthy was the only son; the rest were daughters, married here and there, one to a shanbhog across the Mysore border, another to a priest, and another one to a landowner, another to nivel Revenue Inspector, and the last one to a court clerk — all well married, with large families of brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, and all of them blessed with children except Sata, the second daughter who never had a child in spite of all her money and pilgrimages.

Then you have mill agents that come from Sholapur and Bombay and offer you very tempt- ing rates. If you spin, he says, the money that goes to the Red-man will stay within your country and the Mother can feed the foodless and the milkless 22 and the clothless.


I tell you humbly I cannot.

Raja Rao – Wikipedia

But we could not love him. This was and still is the ordinary style of our story-telling. He is our Gandhi. But someone would be chanting away, and clapping away, and through half- wakened eyes Siva would be seen, staring and weird, and such terror would come over us that we would rub our eyes and sing again.

After language the next problem is that of style. It is the language of our intellectual make-up — like Sanskrit or Persian was before — but not of our emotional make-up.

He makes our images too and he even sold them at the Manjarpur fair. You see, this is what really happened. What do you know of the outside world, you kitchen queen? The Sahib says that in his country they are always used for fever. The main character of the novel, Moorthyis a young Brahmin who leaves for the city to study, where he becomes familiar with Gandhian philosophy. And as they pass by, the dust sinks back into the earth, and night curls again through the shadows of the streets.

Satamma was lying by the door, her head upon her arms, resting. But on the fourth or fifth day, Postman Surappa went up the Front-House steps, and seating himself by grandfather Ramanna, asked for a pinch of snuff and told him, just in passing, that there was a policeman of some sort in the Skefhngton Estate.

Fhc next day the rain set in and it poured and it plundered all the fields and the woods, and Rama- krishnayya, going to spit over the railings of the veranda, stumbled against a pillar and, falling, lost consciousness, and that very night, without saying a word, without giving a sigh, he closed his eyes for ever.

You can look after your hereditary lands and have your two meals a day. And a first shot is shot into the air. And then there was that other affair.