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View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. Product description. Written by Karen Danrich, this book is a guide to assist humanity in remembering to awake and ascend thru the process of ascension.

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An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas

The Hum of the Bees 3. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus. The Bear News 5. Each is unique according to the genetics and life experiences of the initiate involved. As the unconscious agreements are released and the pattern transcended, one need not allow another to manipulate them in the same fashion again. As another receives such a blessing, it creates an opening within their field in which a new level of awareness may be embraced.

Shame causes the opposite to occur. The Walrus Tusk Therefore, each form will experience its own unique journey of ascension. No ascension is easy.

The Walk of a Penguin The Power of Your Danroch Become the commander of your own reality. Over time, she learned that such thoughts were not her thoughts. It is the greatest hope of the plant and tree kingdoms that humans master peace, unity, honor and love in the dance of life.


In the dance of ascension, both the body and soul are considered of value and must learn to work together to accomplish their spiritual goal. Painting on Silk by Dnarich Roderick. Therefore, each initiate must dantich their own guidance and never allow another to tell them what to do or what their truth is.

  ANSI A117 1 2003 PDF

The belief that a teacher or another has an easier journey is based on the thoughtforms of perfection and worship.

It is the vibration of shame that is at the root of the many falls in vibration of the human species. This, too, is a reflection of ownership. Life is about the transcendence of death, otherwise known as ascension.

Let us say that the ascending individual is invited home for Christmas but sees that the unconscious abusiveness and harmfulness of her mother will most likely cause her difficulty or perhaps even make her ill. It is a great myth in the metaphysical community that if one is truly spiritual, their entire life will be perfect and nothing will ever go wrong, ever.

The Flight of the Manta Ray Or do you wish to die? In any case, it is through the proper setting of boundaries that the ascending individual learns to protect themselves from the unconscious harmfulness of others so that they do not create difficult experiences or accidents in their life experience.

We have seen certain ascending individuals actually stop or prevent their ascension in their determination to remain thin. The Grunt of a Feral Pig The Smell of a Skunk It is also a great truth that ascension requires the pain, anger and fear to be released from the form and subtle bodies.

Discovering the God Goddess Within. If one owns another, then of course one can tell the other what they should do and when they should do it. An example of this responsibility might be seen in a difficult family relationship. Why is this so? Bats in the Belfry 8. The ascension process brings forth the regeneration of the form a little at a time. The diaphragm of an ascending human contains many pockets that will inflate with blood when the metabolism of the form is in need of blood sugar.


Living Truth – Becoming the Creator. There is no way to ascend without expanding. Given that this is our purpose, we perhaps far more than the human species, began to understand the complex and difficult history of Earth.

New Global Dreamtime Launched. It is a great truth that the human species is holographic. We believe such programming is a direct creation of the forces of the dark that wishes to prevent humanity or Earth from ascending.

The Iridescent Dragonfly 5. From the Fruit Bearing Trees. It is as the soul is merged with the form that the unconditional love of the soul can bathe the body day and night. Seeing Through the Eyes of A Hawk This blood sugar feeds the crystalline cellular structure, which has a metabolism 2, times greater than the old bio-chemical structure.

Only the initiate understands intimately their own journey, because they are the only one experiencing it first hand. They also have an opportunity to fulfill their soul goal and mission on Earth.

We are also releasing all historical records of Earth now in our ascension so that all other species upon Earth may release their related karma and transcend the thought-form of cause of their experience. Most importantly, the body and face of those who are ascending will glow with love and life!

The Dancing Butterflies 2. The Hoot of the Owl 4.