Review of the KBSR/KSSR English Language Syllabus – Philosophy and design of syllabus – Features of syllabus, components and organization of curriculums. KBSR HSP Year 6 by gelamkhovan in Types > Government & Politics. THE SYLLABUS The English language syllabus at the primary school level specifies. KBSR ENGLISH Educational Emphases SYLLABUS. STANDARD The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with.

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Given below is a list of suggested activities: The idea can also be illustrated by using skill Students should be asked to think of food items that are additional to those already listed on the board.

She has to ensure that these activities are in keeping with sylllabus aims and principles of the KBSR, that they exploit the methodology that is implied in the curriculum. Each group consisted of mixed ability students, but the teacher accommodated the weaker ones by giving them easier sentences to “unjumble”. For example, the weaker students can be given worksheets with more guidance questions with word-gaps, rather than englidh the topics of the questions, which can be given to the better students.

One teacher, whom I had the opportunity syllabsu observing, handled skill 4. Reinforce with examples – sweet, sour and savoury, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The rationale for adopting the integrated or multi-skills approach in any ELT methodology is that this approach reflects authentic language use, where more than one skill is employed. It is also an appropriate vehicle for sjllabus integration across the stages of learning; language skills and sub-skills are integrated in a progression that reflects their use in natural contexts.

KBSR- Constraints and Guidelines

Ask students to come up with a list of categories in topics or areas other than “Food”. There is also provision for individual, group and class work.

Maximum number of questions that can be asked is ten. Participation is by invitation only. Then, she asked the group to combine the sentences into a short story, which the group leader would read aloud to the class. This is mainly because of an impractical teacher-pupil ratio 1: Ask students to name a few categories, and check understanding of concepts. They can read out their clues, and call upon a student of their choice to guess the animal that he has in mind.


Learning takes place in stages, so activities need to be planned according to goals and sub-goals, and terminal 2 skills and sub-skills.

This kind of guidance can take the form of more guided worksheets, more intensive monitoring, or, at times, even different kinds of activities which would ultimately allow them to reach the same goal. She is heavily loaded with administrative and co-curricular work in addition to her teaching duties. For example, in order to acquire skill 5. By this means, it hopes to provide him with an all-rounded individual development which will help him operate efficiently within the social syllabhs of this country.

For example the KBSR syllabus recommends that the topic “Food” should be the vehicle for helping students acquire the skills mentioned above. Task-based learning has many other characteristics that makes it suitable as ksbr technique which can be incorporated within the methodology of the KBSR.

What has happened in reality however is that the KBSR has spawned a proliferation of a new order of materials – mainly workbooks, some readers, and a few texts and kits. There are, of course, the regular holiday courses, but, according to many of the teachers, these are still not adequate. Explain that the skill of categorization can be extended to other topics, and to many areas of study.

At this point, it is important to note that the limitations under which she has been working are still very much in force. Once students have grasped the idea, they should be allowed to formulate their own clues. Institute of English Language Education.

The above are just a few of the problems that the KBSR teacher has to contend with while trying to cope with the heavy demands made by the new curriculum. This might raise not only his self-esteem, but also his intrinsic motivation for wanting to acquire a particular skill. She determines what is to be taught this need not necessarily coincide with what is, or has to be learnt by the passive pupiland she has this awful hold over the academic future of the child in the classroom!

Students within a group should take turns to ask and answer questions. Teachers should be trained to create materials and activities that exploit the KBSR methodology. However, a close scrutiny of the handbook Buku Panduan Khasand the Curriculum itself reveal that the following factors are stressed: However, what should be noted is that, in both phases, there is an implicit demand for the creation of opportunities for individual expression for example, through music, art and writingthe facilitation of understanding, and the employment of a variety of means to obtain knowledge.


Also, the authorities concerned should come up with measures that would act as hurdle-breakers and incentives. The New Straits TimesJanuary 10, It is important that the learner realizes the relevance of what he is learning; whatever he has learnt should play a meaningful role in his life, and help him attain the goals that he has set for himself.

Well-designed tasks would extend learning beyond the classroom, and liberate the child to a point where he can view the broader environment around him as a source and resource of learning.

Some such measures could be:. However if another group guesses correctly, they get two marks. One major complaint of teachers is that some colleagues do not contribute to the preparation of teaching aids; another problem appears to be that teachers are not willing to share their knowledge, expertise and products vis-a-vis teaching aids.

A good way to make provisions for these factors is to build in variety as an active ingredient during class activities. The rules of the game are as follows: There was full participation from all the students, and I could see that even the weaker students enjoyed themselves tremendously! Moreover, it facilitates the reinforcement of learning since a particular discourse or sub-skill can be taught by using more than one mode.

Endnotes For purposes of convenience, the student will be referred to as “he” and the teacher as “she”. If nobody is able to get the right answer, the group that has thought of the animal gets five marks.

Asia TEFL 2014

Phase II strengthens and builds upon these basic skills: The above recommendation is aimed at diminishing this problem. The skill to be acquired should always be the ultimate goal of the lesson. First, she divided the students into groups of four, and gave them each, two jumbled-up sentences to be put in the proper englih.