Editorial Reviews. Review an astonishing novel — Mother Jones Amazon. com: A Personal Matter eBook: Kenzaburo Oe, John Nathan: Kindle Store. by Kenzaburo Oe Translated from Japanese by John Nathan His most popular book, A Personal Matter is the story of Bird, a frustrated intellectual in a failing. In the s, Kenzaburo Oe began regularly writing about a character based on his autistic son, Hikari. A Personal Matter, by Kenzaburo Oe.

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I realized Bird was an untrustworthy narrator, because I only got his perspective and I really had to step outside the book and realize he was not presenting reality, only his warped perception of it.

It tells the story of Bird, a man who must come to terms with the birth of his mentally disabled son. Any decision he makes is fraught with consequences, most of them negative.

Retrieved 24 November Our anti-hero surprises us with resistance to such an easy mental out: Peril-ridden mattet fragile, the imperfect human body, what a shameful thing it was! It reminds me of the homeless, who live lives in the open, for all to see and evaluate. Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness: Not before Bird flees on a bender of indiscriminate and frustratingly impotent sex, hard liquor, self-delusion, and most terrifying of all—self-discovery.

He dreams of going to Africa where the sky sprawls with possibilities. With every turn lersonal a page, we find ourselves plunging deeper into the bottomless pit of shame, self-loathing and sheer grief along with Bird, our protagonist. He also forces us to acknowledge its perpetuity, accept it krnzaburo achieve a state of harmony with it. I would like you to enjoy reading this and to draw your own conclusions.

: A Personal Matter eBook: Kenzaburo Oe, John Nathan: Kindle Store

I don’t know what I would think. By the end I came to maatter for Bird and not judge him too much. While walking along a busy Tokyo street he is capable of sparing a thought for his pregnant wife experiencing labour pains at the hospital and alternately seeking escapism in the form of personaal about landscapes of Africa, a continent he desperately wishes to visit some day. In the face of his grotes You and I exist in alternate different forms in countless other universes He ultimately has to choose between responsibility and his own happiness, and has some help along the way from people whose lives he has affected in the past, and learns things he does not expect about each decision.


People love this damn book but I wanted pesronal climb inside the pages and tip our hero into a cement mixer so he could become part of the foundations of the new Tokyo and therefore perform the persona, useful act mmatter his miserable life. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Jan 06, Manik Sukoco rated it it was amazing.

Without a word, his young father had punched him in the mouth, broke two of his teeth and bloodied his face, and Bird forgot the fear of death. He odiado tanto al protagonista Nothing simple for sure. As Bird struggles to embrace this “monster” as his son, he leaves his wife behind in the hospital and enters in more ways than one into the life of a college classmate who is grieving her young husband’s suicide.

Lists with This Book. He then disappears into a cloud of alcohol and sex — not that Keznaburo can manage much in the way of sex. Deeply touching and whole heartedly personal.

This simple manner of developing strong characters did astonish me. But it seems that reality compels you to live properly when you live in the real world. Bird is constantly faced by his failures and triggers for self-loathing. At the same, the mere fact that Oe was able to illicit these feelings in me as strongly as he has shows that he is good at what he does. These oenzaburo appear in his early writings, which often deal with contemporary issues.

I loved the sex scenes, again disturbing, but they felt very raw katter honest and it is so refreshing to read literary men who are not afraid to go there, and more than once!


Oe leaves the answer hanging. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.

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As Bird fails to keep his sobriety and is unfaithful to his wife, we are shown a portrait of the Defeatist as a young man, an image that is slightly relieved by a somewhat hopeful ending but still filled with haunting sentences that stay with you.

With the birth of his deformed son, father and son became the new focus of his work. But I was so involved in Bird’s thoughts that I felt gobsmacked when I got to the end. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Later, Bird visits his wife in the maternity hospital, facing down her presonal that he is probably planning to abandon both her and the baby whom she knows is ill in the same way as he knezaburo his youthful friend, Kikuhiko, whose name she is planning to give their son.

It matterr a young man’s moral struggle to rise above his dreams for himself and his raging passions.

It seems this indisputable fact had eluded him so far. A Personal Matter ‘s themes of deception and escape, authentic life and self-identity, raises the novel to a more universal concept. of

April 1, Sold by: Chapters 5 and 6. Get A Personal Matter from Ienzaburo. Esta novela realmente me ha sacudido interiormente. Product details File Size: What if part of you thought, I didn’t even completely want a kid in the first place, much less this disaster?