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[Act 23 of ]. Preamble. An Act to define, amend and consolidate the law relating to chitties in the State of Kerala;. WHEREAS it is expedient to define, amend. RBI prepared a Draft Bill. The Kerala Chitties Act. The Chit Funds Act. The laws relating to chitties in force of Kerala State. appellant was that the plaintiff has violated the Kerala Chitties Act, and contended that there was no previous sanction Government as required under .

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Registration Office and Fees.

If any foreman makes default in complying with the provisions of sub-section 1he shall be punishable with fine which may extend to twenty-five rupees for every day during which the default continues. Copy of resolution, etc.

That section does not help the petitioner at all. Chapter I deals with Distribution of Legislative Powers. Books to be kept by foreman.

Supreme Court nullifies Kerala Chit Fund Act – News18

In the present case, the Central Chit Funds Act, is a law-made. It will bring about a stalemate. Consequently, laws made by a Legislature may be void not only for lack of legislative powers in respect of the subject-matter, but also for transgressing constitutional limitations. The security furnished under sub-section 1 shall, subject to the provisions of sub-section 6be kept intact during the currency of the chitty and the foreman shall not commit any such act with respect thereto as are calculated to impair materially the nature of the security or the value thereof.

The Kerala Chitties Act 1 Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Hence, the Kdrala Legislature has full power to legislate regarding the subjects in List III, subject to the provision in Article 2i. One must, therefore, concede that Section 1 3 came into operation immediately the Act was passed, for otherwise it could not postpone the coming into operation of the Act.

Registration Office and Fees. By order dated Seeing, therefore, that it is Section 1 3 which operates to prevent the commencement of the Act until a notification is issued thereunder by the Government and that it is Section 1 3 which operates to authorise the Government to issue a notification thereunder, it must be conceded that that Section 1 3 came into force immediately on the passing of the Act.


The foreman shall not admit any person as a subscriber to a chitty if, by such admission, the total number of tickets mentioned in the variola is increased. In this connection, it was submitted that if a petition is filed before a Court to declare a State law void, as being repugnant to Parliamentary law which has not been brought in force, the court would reject the petition as premature as repugnancy cannot arise when the Parliamentary law has not even been brought in force.

Thus, in my opinion, the five principles have to be read and construed together and not in isolation — where however, the Central and the State legislation cover the same field then the Central legislation would prevail.

However, as the Kerala Act, stood repealed on LXV of only dealt with the finished products manufactured by scheduled industries, and, hence, there was no repugnancy. Inspection of documents in Registrar’s Office.

Part XI deals with relations between the Union and the States.

Supreme Court nullifies Kerala Chit Fund Act

These words indicate the principle of federal supremacy, namely, in case of inevitable conflict between the Union and State powers, the Union powers, as enumerated in List I, shall prevail over the State powers, as enumerated in Lists II and III, and in case of overlapping between Lists III and II, the former shall prevail.

Such incompatibility has to be ascertained from a consideration of all relevant provisions of the new law and mere absence of a saving clause by itself is not material.

Foreman to give notice in writing before demanding payment of all future subscriptions. Thus, on such commencement of the Central Chit Funds Act,the transactions chits between Of Meetings of the General Body of Subscribers.

Thus, repugnancy arises on the making and not chitteis of the Central Chit Funds Act, Provided further that such previous sanction shall not be necessary for starting and conducting any chitty by The above statement of law in Pt.


Incompatibility or repugnancy would be apparent when the effect of the operation is visualised by comparative study. Provided that the Registrar may refuse to register the chitty on any of the following grounds, namely: It is well settled that the presumption is always in favour of the constitutionality of a statute and the onus lies on the person assailing the Act to prove that it is unconstitutional.

Of Constitution and Registration. Section 4 — Prohibition of invitation for subscription except under certain conditions 1 Where previous sanction is required by section 3 for starting and conducting a chitty, no person shall issue or publish any notice, circular, prospectus, proposal or other document inviting the public to subscribe for tickets in any such chitty or containing the terms and conditions of any such chitty chitgies such notice, circular, prospectus, proposal or other document contains a statement that the previous sanction required by section 3 has been obtained, together with the particulars of such sanction.

Inspection of chitty books and records.

Therefore, the State legislature ought to have followed the procedure in Article 2 and ought to have obtained the assent of the President. Short title, extent and commencement. By the said amendment, sub-section 1a was inserted in Section 4. XIV of on 7. Provided also that nothing contained in this sub-section shall apply in the case of any chitty of which kerxla foreman is a company owned by the Government of Kerala.

According to the learned 175, in the present case, applying the ratio of the judgment in the case of Tika Ramji suprait is clear that the repugnancy has not arisen in the present case before us for the simple reason that the Central Chit Funds Act, has not come into force in the State of Kerala. An Act to define, amend and consolidate the law relating to chitties in the State of Kerala.