Preview. Fansadox Collection – Montal – KGB Interrogation Room. Advised to read comics: Fansadox – KGB Interrogation Room Fansadox Collection – Montal. Porn Comic: Fansadox – Montal – KGB Interrogation Room. 46 pages. Size: 18MB . Download from: Keep2Share (k2s), Uploaded (), Fileboom. Category. KGB Interrogation, Comic Book Style: It’s textbook procedure: first the From the KGB Interrogation Room comic by Montal for Dofantasy.

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The tight skirt concealed nothing, I could see it all! The surveillance photos showed her to be intertogation leggy bombshell, high cheekbones and a massive rack which made my head spin.

Fansadox – Montal – KGB Interrogation Room | Sex Comics

I had to show the dame who was boss, ya know? Me and my partner were looking her up and down as she was crying on the floor before us. And my years of pursuit were finally paying off. Make her understand real good that when I say do something, she better do it. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. He was seen at a local dance club, with a sexy blonde American on his arm.

Fansadox Collection – Montal – KGB Interrogation Room

My team moved in for the capture, but the Black Eagle still had luck on his side. As far as the rest of the Agents of the KGB were concerned, I was a dedicated interrogator hard at work tracking down a threat to our great country.


D would know better. Daphnie is just one of many innocent young women who become ensnared in this world of intrigue and deception. In Russia you learn patience, and you learn how to hate. Her eyes were wide with terror as he strapped her onto the metal table.

Again he managed to escape my trained squad, but not without leaving behind his curvaceous girlfriend I guess it could smell her fear! Too smart, if you ask me. roon


Leggy brunette, 21 years old, smart as a whip. That racket sounded like an entire zoo rolling down a ktb. M ore than just state secrets are locked deep within the cold halls of the KGB. My eyes traveled slowly from her tanned calves, up to her smooth, trembling hips. Recommended free BDSM comics sites: We had time, all the time to know each other better In the sound-proofed concrete cells below the KGB, Boris will come face to face with his own obsession Get access to great BDSM comics collection, for examle: But the thing making that howling has never been seen anywhere outside of a nightmare.

Their lives are given into the iron grip of cold eyed interrogators, specialists in extracting information and pain from their helpless captives. One simple mistake, meeting the wrong man at a nightclub, has landed her into the hands of KGB Special Interrogator Boris.


My men delivered ropm to my office in the basement of the KGB. In these dark rooms, people disappear without a trace. The murder had finally come back home!

No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic. How right they were! Derelicts, drunks and incompetent losers. Boris will take great enjoyment in probing her body and mind as he makes her another girl missing in Moscow.

Her slim waist made the perfect hand hold. Thought she ingerrogation pull a fast one on the company. But inside, I only had one mission- to gain complete and total control of the sexy girl cowering in my special interrogation room I burned for her, and knew I had to possess her completely.

Take this one case I had. It was more than just the burst of lust I satisfied with the occasional prisoner or one-night-stand. Intrrrogation shows no real people or events.

Maybe it was my partner that scared her.