Krishnashtakam [2] Translated by P. ander Text, Lyrics, Meaning, Translations of Stothras of Lord Vishnu, Purusha Suktam, Vishnu Sahasra Namam. 1 Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi Sankara Bhagawat Pada; 2 Popular variant of Sri Krishnashtakam by an unknown composer; 3 Second Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi . Meaning: Salutations to Krishna, who is the son of Vasudēva, Who killed Kamsa and Chanoora, And who gave immense joy to Dēvaki and.

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Kadhambha soonu kundalam sucharu ganda mandalam. Saturn Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs.

Naveenagopa naagaram naveena keli lampatam. Who has the sweet scent of mandara flowers, Who has pretty smile and four arms, And who decorates is hair with peacock feathers.

The octet in praise of Lord Krishna.

I bow to the dear one of Gopas, Who is the abode of qualities, mercy, and happiness, and does not needs any mercy from anyone, and Who relieved the problems of demi-gods.

If one reads this as soon as he awakes in the morning, This divine octet of Lord Krishna without fail, Sins committed in billions of lives, Would be destroyed, if one thinks about him.

Salutations to the Lord KrishnaWho is not easy to get, Who wears the ear rings of Kadambha flowers, Who has very pretty smooth cheeks, And who is the lord of the women of Vrija.

Namami megha sundram thathith prabhalasathpatam 6. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who is engaged in playing with Rukmani, Who shines in yellow silks, And who is attracted by scent of ocimum.

Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Without whose meditation people happen to be born as animals like pig, Who causes people to get fear of birth or death by not knowing him, And who causes people to be born as insects due to one not remembering him.

Kararavindha bhoodaram smithavaloka sundraram. Salutations to the teacher krishnashtwkam the world, Krishna, Who has the mole Sri Vathsa on his chest and greatly enjoys, Who is decorated by garlands of forest flowers, And who holds the conch and the holy wheel. Bhakti Stotras Devotional Hymns Index. He was trapped by a crocodile in a river and then Vishnu Krishna freed him from the crocodile trap.


I bow to the son of Nanda, Whose lotus-feet is always immersed in the maan-sarovar like lake of my mind, Who has beautiful curls falling upon his face. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who is the won by whose strength Indra and other devas win battle against asurasWho is the one without whose encouragement no one has independence of action, And who is the one who cures the pride of the ability to write poems of the poets.

I bow to the delight of Nand, Who is absolver of all defects in usWho looks after everyone in this world, and Who is the heart of every Gopa or cow-rearer. Sing salutations to The only ornation of Vraj, Who destroys every sin among usWho is continuous bliss for His devotees, and Who is the dear one of Nanda.

Athasee pushpa sangasam, Hara noopura shobhitham, Rathna kankana keyuram, Krishnam vande Jagat Gurum. I bow to him who is the stealer of hearts, Who incarnated to reduce the weight of the world, Who helps us cross the miserable ocean of life, And who is young baby of mother Yasoda.

In my translations krishnashrakam I had included two Krishnashtakams. From being a human to divine This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks. I bow to cloud-colored beautiful one, Who is a new cowherd rearer and playful, Who is always thinking of new ways to mesmerize the mortals, and Who is wearing yellow lightening like robes. Hindu Temple of Augusta. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Krishnasgtakam has eyes resembling the fully open lotus flowers, Who has the blue colour of rich clouds, And who is the chief gem of the clan of Yadavas.

Vidagdha gopikaa mano manogna thalpasayinam. You have already subscribed. Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. Hindu Temples in India. Drugantha kantha banginam, sada sadala sanginam.

Vishnu Gayatri Mantra – Gayat. Retrieved from ” http: The source of all wealth. Sign In to earn Badges. I salute the handsome one who is the colour of the cloud, Who wears yellow coloured silk resembling lightning, Who appears as a new Gopa every time he is seen, And who is interested in new antics every time. I salute Krishna, the lad amidst the vrija land, Who is pleased and shines like the good sun, Who is the son of all gopas, And who is the pleasure of all their hearts.


Sri Krishnashtakam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

But meanng referring the complete works of Shankara, I find that this is the only one composed by Adhi Shankara. Vasudeva Krutha Krishna Stotram. I bow to Krishna, Who roamed amidst the gardens of Vraj, Who is dear to every cow-rearer in Vraj, Who is the krishnashtakzm happiness for heart, and Who has a sun like resplendent face.

Salutations to the Nanda lad, Whose lotus like feet is drowned, Ever meanjng in my mind, And who has curls of hair falling on his face. I bow to the son of King Nanda, Who has a pair of pretty krishnashtamam eyes, Who is followed by bees wherever he goes, And who is new and newer to his devotees, Today and everyday.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I bow to Krishna, Who is hard to get, Who has beautiful earrings made of flowers of kadamba-tree, Who has two beautiful cheeks, Who is the only dear One of land of Vraj.

The True Description of Whole Universe. Lord Krishnashhakam with all properties as revealed by the VedasWho is primeval and the soul of all beings of the world, Prayed like this by Sankara for the salvation of his mother, Appeared before that great sage along with Goddess Lakshmi, With a merciful mien holding Whel mace and the lotus.

Krishnashtakam by Adi Shankaracharya

The last stanza clearly indicates that it was composed so that his mother would get salvation. Bhaveth sa nanda nandane bhave bhave subhakthiman 9. Stotras by Adi Shankaracharya. Salutations to the Nanda lad, Whose lotus like feet is drowned, Ever truly in my mind, And who has curls of hair falling on his face.

I bow to Krishna as cow-rearing-leader, Who is supreme bliss when viewed with Yashoda, Cow-rearers, and Nand. Seeing the first pada, I presume, the last sentence refers to Govardhan incident. No thanks, I’m better off solving my lifestyle issues myself.