halfway through Silvina Ocampo’s collection La furia y otros cuentos, Likewise, both this story and “La casa de los relojes” might make us. The Grotesque in Silvina Ocampo’s Short Stories Author(s): Patricia N. narrated by children is evi dent in the story “La casa de los relojes. y otros cuentos. [Silvina Ocampo] Author: Silvina Ocampo ; pr ologo de Enrique Pezzoni. ; Silvina Ocampo. Publisher La casa de los relojes — Mimoso

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Everything is just a little bit off from the start, and as such the sllvina reproduce the perspective of those who are already somewhat out of place: Many of her tales are humorous, but often the hunor fails to deflect the shocking, uncomfortable quality of the narratives; in fact, the hunorous elements frequently add to the reader’s sense of horror.

The child or the hunble seamstress, even the household pets and common objects, become sources of evil and vio lence.

The Grotesque in Silvina Ocampo’s Short Stories

Notify me of new posts via email. JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive. Later he becomes aware that the deformed watchmaker has “disappeared. Grotesque dreams or hallucinations appear with terrifying or absurd imagery in many of the stories from Ocampo’s first collection, IHajz olvhide the blood, the stub, etc.

All this could be read as in part political allegory: The theme of the fragmented personality appears in “La vida clandes tine. Incongruous from the outset, this refrain becomes ever more out of place as events steadily turn to the weirder and the worse: Theirs is the grotes que point of view: Carmen Martin Gaite and the Postwar Novel [pp.


Household servants also seem particularly appropriate to this end. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Q Csa furia, pp. Similarly, in “El lazo”16 two nurses in a sanatorium goad ,os other throughout years of intense hatred.

With that in mind, let us look at Ocampo’s grotesque themes. This brings us to the obsessed or mad characters, a grotesque theme which appears in a great many of Ocamo’s stories. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My prolonged concern with the grotesque must not be taken as wilvina sign of whole hearted enthusiasm for the subject. The furies, after all, are not entirely wrong.

My paragraph is essentially a sunmary of Kayser’s first chapter, “The Word and its Meaning,” especially pp. In Ocampo’s works a horrifying event, fre quently fantastic, is protrayed in a humorous, albiet, grimly humorous way. Such is the case in “La casa de los relojes,” in which a little boy begins by describing a party at his parents’ house.

Latin American Women Writers Posthegemony. I gladly admit that I, too, experienced the negative reaction likely to be provoked in the reader by certain chapters of my book or by a glance at its illustrations.

Edición crítico-genética de cuatro cuentos de Silvina Ocampo – [email protected]

You are commenting using your WordPress. Finally when one kills the other, the woman dies laughing in triumph, seemingly because she had succeeded in infuriating the other to the ultimate degree.


Notify me of new comments via email. Their father and the younger silvinw little boy also act as another double, both having the same nickname, “Labuelo,” and the same extranely domineering personality.

Edición crítico-genética de cuatro cuentos de Silvina Ocampo

Since no source can be named, the grotesque must not, indeed can not, imply a meaning. Her best stories are marked by their transformation of commonplace objects and events into brief glimpses of supernatural powers beyond.

Though certainly in evidence in “La casa de los relojes,” the hunorous elements of the child narrator are more fully developed in a ed like “El siniestro del Ecuador. It is not satire or social criticism, but “a play with the absurd.

February 19, at 7: Best known for her short stories, she is also the prize-winning author of seven volunes of poetry.

This guresome discovexy as reported by the young narrator is nevertheless filled with hunorous episodes involving family dynamics and concern for decorim, as casw this exchange: They, like children, are kept at a distance from adult life in a household, and view events with a dispassionate eye.

Email required Address never made public. It is not even clear why the girl is there: