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Levels of dissolved ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and silicate, as well as chlorosity, dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in the water of Lake Mariut. Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, after the enforcement of the Egyptian Law for Environmental Protection (Law 4/). Egypt. J. Soil Sci. 56, No. 2, pp. (). W. Geo-spatial Variability Assessment of Water. Pollutants Concentration in Mariut Lake, Egypt.

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Its maximum length is about 8 km and the depth of water fluctuates between 60 and cm, with an average of cm.

Assessment of pollution levels in fish and water of main basin, Lake Mariut.

J Sci Egypf 8: A map showing the sampling site from Lake Mariut. The name derives from Mareotis or Marijtthe name of the lake in ancient times.

Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. The De Vita Contemplativaa description of a society of Jewish ascetics written in the first century CE, says that the Jewish sect called the Therapeutae were widely distributed in the ancient world, but that “their country” was “beyond the Maereotic lake”. At least years ago, the lake was fresh water, and much of it would dry up during the period just before the Nile flooded again.


Thus, aquatic diversity is now in threatened condition.

Egpt, Historical, and Mythological: This incineration causes air pollution and worsens the quality of the Ecosystem. Algae Cladophora herpestica were collected in plastic bags containing seawater and transported immediately to the laboratory for analysis [ 3 ].

Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. When the British opened the lake to the sea in Napleon’s time it caused a salt-water flood that destroyed villages.

Ruins of an ancient temple and an ancient replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria are to be seen there. The primary productivity of the aquatic ecosystem is now adversely affected by various anthropogenic activities and dumping of industrial effluents and untreated sewage into the lake.

The permissible limits of BOD 0. Alexandria’s access to the Nile was lost, necessitating the opening of the Mahmoudiyah Canal from Alexandria to the Nile in Algae are used in waste water treatment due their affinity for heavy metal cations.

Lakes of Egypt Nile Nile Delta. The eypt of Fe obtained were very low compared to previous studies. Fish and water samples were collected form Lake Mariut main basin through out the period from May to December Although technically a Latin titular bishopric, it has had several Eastern Catholic incumbents, notably those of Egypt’s native Coptic Catholic Church sui iuris Alexandrian Rite. The current anthropogenic metal emissions have resulted in increasing the concentrations nariut water toxic elements to a hazardous level [ 8 ].


It is necessary to study the freshwater algal flora as part of the biological monitoring and using them as indicators of water quality [ 56 ]. The results showed that mercury was totally undetected in fish and water samples.

According to some records, a homonymous nome was located on the shores of this lake. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

By using this site, you lakf to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Croat Chem Acta The pH and alkalinity were in agreement with the values shown by previous studies except for east of Main Basin which showed higher values.

Lake Mariout – Wikipedia

Environmental and biological aspects. The results showed that the water quality is unacceptable and should be improved for human consumption. Sampling of water and pake were carried out at four different sites throughout the period from July to Sept The values of BOD of the collected samples were 5. Water and algal samples were collected from four different sites throughout the period from July to Sept