Las Aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym has ratings and reviews. Fernando said: En este libro, su única novela, Poe intentó volcar absolutamente tod. Las aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym has 11 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by BRONTES ED, Paperback. : Las aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym/ The adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym (Spanish Edition) () by Edgar Allan Poe and a.

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Views Read Edit View history. The situation gets critical when Augustus passes out drunk, and the inexperienced Pym must take control of the gprdon.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And that archaic tone la not alienate bore the reader because his words and lyrical tune are classy and his plot is nicely crafted. Open Preview See a Problem? Eventually esca The legend that is Poe as well as perfecting the detective-story and the horror tale originated another unique, though atthur acknowledged, artform that of the ‘weird novel’.

For one, he explores the line between life and death, then so poorly understood, with characters under the most extreme physical and mental duress. PaperbackWorld’s Classicspages. Read more Read less.

Jul 09, William Oarlock rated it really liked it Shelves: Arthu reviewer for the Metropolitan Magazine noted that, though the story was good as fiction, “when palmed upon the public as a true thing, aevnturas cannot appear in any other light than that of a bungling business—an impudent attempt at imposing on the credulity of the ignorant. Simply an incredible story. This is a rousing narration following Pym as he stows away on a vessel which is taken by mutineers and eventually with Pym’s help retaken.

The horrors of the book’s first half are visceral and intense, but as the ship sails into uncharted territory, the story takes a turn toward the fantastical and loses its power. I particularly enjoyed the first person narration because of that distinct voice that only EAP had.


Quinn and John J. After nearly dying of dehydration, starvation, and dog attack in his hiding place in the hold, he is rescued by his friend and emerges in the midst of a bloody mutiny.

Poe also presents the effects of alcohol in the novel. The long descriptions of travelling, the technical nautical digressions and even pages dedicated to the cohabitation of penguins and albatrosses.

No u biti oni se samo spominju u djelu ali ih bacam jer su mi predragi.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness. I will not say anything about the ending. This felt like a generic 19th century novel, and along with that came the long digressions on subjects not terribly relevant to the plot.

Les aventures d’Arthur Gordon Pym

Reynold’s Voyage of the Potomac: I feel like I can see why Mat Johnson felt the gordo to write an entire book in response to it. Poe’s novel was also an influence on H. He also drew from his own experiences at sea. It seems scarcely credible to me that, so far from expressing the slightest desire to return to his native Nantucket upon his recovery, he is the one to urge the captain to head for the Antarctic.

What can you say to a book that inspired Herman Lym to write his masterpiece Moby-Dick? Mar 31, Todd rated it really liked it.

Les aventures d’Arthur Gordon Pym – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Augustus promises to provide Pym with water and food until the ship is too far from shore to return, at which time Pym will reveal himself. That’s all I really got out of this. Ligeia has been and will be his greatest story, as The Raven will be his most influential poem; But being his only novel has helped great authors to form their own works, coming to influence H P Lovecraft who would not fail to quote the novel in his At the mountains of madness.

The ending is not satisfying arthut because of what Pym has went through, it is enough for me.


Augustus helps Pym by preparing a hideout in the hold for him and smuggling Tiger, Pym’s faithful dog, on board. Often times when talking about the ship Poe would string together so many unexplained technical ship-related terms that it became a complete mess this would not be so severe to a reader with more knowledge of ships and sails.

Las aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym

I really liked this book. One reason for the confusion comes from many continuity errors throughout the novel. Poe’s name in connexion with such a mass of ignorance and effrontery”. His interest is further fueled by the tales of a sailor’s life that Augustus tells him. Arthut I’m not generally a fan of such things, Verne maintains the sense of reality and mystery that Poe established and carries it through.

Additionally, the novel drew from prevalent assumptions during the time that dark-skinned people were somehow inherently inferior. Retrieved from ” https: Want to Read avenruras. The native dies as a huge shrouded white figure appears before them. After weeks without food, they ptm that one of them should be sacrificed as food for the other three, just as in Poe’s novel. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Poe, who intended to present a realistic story, was inspired by several real-life accounts of sea voyages, and drew heavily from Jeremiah N.

That unsolved mystery led Jules Verne to write his own sequel to Arthur Gordon Pymwith the title of Le Sphinx des Glaces The Sphinx of the Ice Fields ; and it has led critics into all sorts of flights of imaginative interpretation.

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