Legacy [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I noticed his eyes. They were blue, sharp and intense. Despite the youthful glows. Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Legacy, the first installment of the planned Legacy Trilogy, won First Place in the Reader’s Views Literary Awards.

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But, Cayla was only fifteen when she wrote this, so I figured, why not?

The Elite Guards calling Princess Alera and future queen “childish” and “ridiculous” to her face makes no sense even if women aren’t as important as men in Hytanica. Wann ist das in letzter Zeit mal in einem Fantasybuch vorgekommen? Add in the fact that Alera’s kingdom is on the brink of war and you’re really screwed. Very patriarchic, with a King and long beautiful gowns and Knight tournaments Two kingdoms, hellbent on destroying each other because they have a difference of opinion when it comes to who deserves respect?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Assuming you picked the second because you are basically a genius I mean throughout several times I was reading the novel, I was tempted to chuck it across the room!

Very excited for this book. Alera is stuck with the likelihood of marrying a guy she actively dislikes. She hears petitions every day, and yet she somehow manages to remain ignorant of how the Cokyrians are not allowing the rebuilding of the churches, the harsh punishments doled out to Hytanican citizens, and the general unrest.

Legacy (Legacy, #1) by Cayla Kluver

In a medieval based culture she would just be relieved she’s not marrying twice her age who has no teeth. Refresh and try again. The dialogue is practically non-existent unless is something necessary like “good evening majesty” etc.


Rava is Narian’s second-in-command, and she is constantly flouting Narian’s orders. I am still shaking my head and have re-read the ending over letacy few times already wow!

More than half of the book contains very little action, a new character is introduced as a spoken lead and contains far more depth than Alera, who is way more subservient and meek than she has ever been before which was okay, but a little confusing, and the ending takes all of the previous topics and runs around in circles until sudden I enjoyed the first two in the series because the writing was very good and the story decent, but the third and final chapter fell far short of my expectations.

The world she creates is inconsistent and patchy, but its scale is large and there are certain plotpoints that aren’t bad at all, even if the details and the characters fail. This book felt a lot like the story line of Romeo and Juliet with as much intrigue as there was romance. The High Priestess, meanwhile, keeps her cool kluvwr of the time, and isn’t afraid to go to extremes to get what she wants, and I appreciated that.

Allegiance, despite the war and hytanica’s defeat, ended pretty well. At one point, Shaselle referres to a horse as ‘loco.

If you haven’t read it go get it! She is constantly miss understood, causes all sorts of trouble which I wanted to yell at her for.

Less would have been far more with this novel. Courage won’t be enough.

I feel bad for him. On top of all of this there are secrets of ancient origins that threaten to csyla Hytanica apart and bring her to war. My take while reading this novel was that while on the surface Hytanica seemed to be the more civilized of the two, their sometimes barbaric views of how females should behave made them not as progressive as the Cokyri. I highly recommend this series. An impressive attempt, but much too tedious to keep me interested very long.


Legacy (novel series)

Legacy is still my favorite series. Because this story has a lot of potential and I want to see it blossom. Lastly, she’s decisive and willing to act on these decisions regardless of any personal peril in which she may place herself.

Then she goes and does something stupid that gets her into lots of trouble – and causes even more unrest between Cokyrians and Hytanicans in fact, Shaselle is behind a lot of what goes wrong for, well, everyone- then returns cayls to get yelled at by her mom some more.

This book felt a lot like the story line of Romeo and Juliet with as much intrigue as there was romance. Princess Alera of Hytanica Kingdom is coming of age to marry. Critical reception for the series has been mostly positive.

Props to whoever wrote it. I’ll try for blunt and hope it doesn’t come across to badly. Where kluved was once an arrogant, selfish jerk, Steldor was a courageous and caring cousin to Shaselle – definitely not the Steldor I knew and hated in Legacy and Allegiance. But that’s all politics that Alera has obviously never been interested in before, or else she might know even a single fact about all that.