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In both Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga, damage is done through the TAS (Tactical Arts System). Rather than merely pressing a button to execute a. Arts are combos that result in a special move being used during battle. To learn new Hyper or Super Arts, simply use the correct attack combination. Arts are the best way to win battles in Legend of Legaia. As your AP bar increases in size you will be able to perform better Arts. You must find the elemental.

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You can view this list in the Status area of the Menu screen or in battle by pressing the Triangle button. You have to fight another 8 enemies. I can only assume you do the usual bring it to Zalan for the spell. For Noa’s Terra, gather the Wind Books. The requirements to execute a Mystic Art are more stringent than any other types of Arts.

Dunno how much, e- mail if you get it. If you simply have criticism, don’t bother, I don’t really care what you think, and if you don’t like me, go read a different walk-through. The spell does around 4, damage if equipped on Gala or Vahn, and hits all enemies.

Unlike the Super Arts in Legend of Legaia, they will be recorded in the menu of Arts already learned. Duel Aets, Hyper Arts are learned in many different ways.


Pf Love is especially effective on Seru. For example, in Legend of Legaia, equipping boots will increase the power of kicks, but ‘Low’ will not strike a Killer Beesince it flies above the ground.

If you have room for 5 attacks, you could do a five-hit combo or two three-hit combos. Each direction has its own pros and cons, depending upon the opponent and weapons equipped. Duel Saga, normal Arts will add to the AP total.

Legend of Legaia (e)

Equipping this lowers your encounter rate and gives you access to Evil Seru Magic. I fixed a couple of Art names and moved some that were in the wrong category. In Legend of Legaia, each character possesses 11 Normal Arts in total, though they are more numerous in Duel Saga and not every character has the same amount of Arts. The enemies are tougher, but if you do this now it’s pretty easy because you only have to fight 8 opponents ending with Dohati and you can do your Miracle Art every turn.

If you win, you get the War God Icon, which is a very good item, but legaua can still get another item in the Dome They take the place of Miracle Arts from Legend of Legaia as the ultimate attack for all party members except Ayne.

They are horrendously expenisive AP-wise, but the damage dealt is generally worth it. These books are generally either easy to find in treasure chests they’re usually out in args open or obtained by defeating bosses. If you see this with someone else’s name on it, gimme their name and e-mail so I can blow up their lrgend. These are often more powerful than regular Arts.


Noa is aligned with Wind, Gala is aligned with thunder, and Vahn is aligned with Fire. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Obtain this item by going into Drake Castle lwgend the Mist is cleared. Don’t forget to keep sending me stuff, though. Search the upper left-hand corner of the room for the Platinum Card. For Vahn’s Meta, you need to collect the Fire Books. You can trade them for the Earth Ra-Seru Egg.

Legend of Legaia Shrine – Arts Page

Search it to make Terra L8, its highest level, and get the spell. They are similar to normal Arts in the sense that they will just be a motley assortment of punches and kicks if you ,egaia have enough AP. This allows you to buy special items artss item shops and general stores unfortunately, you rarely get better weapons or armor, but the deals are worth saving for.

Hyper Arts are learned by obtaining and using special Books for the three Ra-Seru. Miracle Arts cost 99AP and require 9 Art blocks to execute. Just Tough Love them, kill any other enemies sometimes the charmed enemy will helpthen just beat on it until it gets absorbed. This is a powerful healing spell.