Buy Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set: Building Sets Printed step-by-step instructions; Hand Sorted Custom Set with pieces . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Buy Battle Brick Army Armored Humvee Custom Set: Action Figures 5 doors and roof mounted machine gun; Printed step-by-step instructions . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Lego Humvee: I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!.

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I’m flat out embarrassed that people are bringing racism into this discussion at all. Bad guys wear black hats.

HUMVEE Instructions

lsgo Yet it might not be very nice to view for the kids who also watch this blog. They look like everyone else until they go boom. So tl;dr was only partially true. Yes, I feel terrible for all those terrorists who might feel bad about people not liking them. You might not like it. You might love it. For, as I said before, this is a blog read world wide and all kinds of people are reading it.

BTW, awesome design and great instructions. No sense in bitching about it.

Lego Humvee with instructions

Pretending otherwise is either disingenuous or a failure of imagination. The act of creation has consequences both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences.


Either crop the picture or leave it be. The point is that the image depicts an unarmed person being intentionally crushed beneath the wheel of a military vehicle.

This is what racism is like for those on the receiving end, phrased in a way to reach the largest group of readers on this blog. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Now please everyone, can we get back to the awesome MOC rather than trying to invent some problem? However, I do feel plenty bothered by the ignorance it has already brought out both here and on Flickr. It is also a cop-out: I know that the REAL story here is that this Humvee was in need of assistance and a friendly ninja came to help, but there was a terrible accident.

Actually, let me find it for you: I just find it hilarious that people are reading so far into this. We have words for those kinds of people or that kind of behavior. I think Catsy and Bunbrick really illustrated this well: Either the knstructions shows a military force happily slaughtering civilians or it shows them pego murdering an unarmed enemy.

For everyone to assume that the minifig under the wheel has no weapon because one is not displayed is as silly as saying that because he appears Arab he must be a terrorist. On the other hand, perhaps only an internal conversation is better?

HUMVEE Instructions | Instructions for HUMVEE with independe… | Flickr

Those who control the media and the images are the people at the buttons. I started writing my comment sometime before you started yours, and I finished after you posted yours. Nobody is saying you need to feel terrible for terrorists. I understand it was meant to be lighthearted, but this really is indicative of a greater problem, namely the association of Muslims with terrorism and vice versa.


Maybe it is an attack on an unarmed civilian. Any claim of racism or anti-Islamism is ridiculous. If he had an RPG or something and the soldiers were mounted up, I think I would have just passed over it as a battle scene. This is your blog and you can and should feel free to showcase what you will. Does being run over by American military hardware make a person a terrorist? If every time you saw Uncle-Sam he was under a Humvee, being killed, never winning, and always a bad guy.

I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over, but okay. Beautiful MOC, wonderful instructions and generosity in making them. Again, I personally passed this over because I felt uncomfortable with what I was seeing in the photo and Tyler has since clarified that what I was seeing was not intendedbut the creation itself was worth blogging, and Nannan chose to go ahead and do so.

I submit that no matter who is under the tire, what the make of the vehicle is, what the minifig is wearing: Your comments are far more racist than his MOC ever could be.