Leporinus frederici (Bloch, ) Leporinus friderici friderici (Bloch, ) Salmo friderici Bloch, BioLib link: Leporinus friderici · FishBase. Dorsal soft rays (total): 12; Anal soft rays: Scales in lateral line 35 + circumpeduncular 16; profile over orbits flat; teeth in the upper jaw 4 + 4, the cutting. Leporinus friderici (Bloch, ) (Characiformes, Anostomidae) is a freshwater fish commonly called “piava” or “piau-três-pintas” widely.

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This page was last edited on 23 Marchat Mechanisms of species coexistence: Food would influence the metabolism through hormonal activity, causing changes in the production of individuals of one sex.

Blackwell Science, p. Parasite communities of freshwater fish under flood condition. The worldwide demand for water and power generation has dramatically increased the risks for freshwater ecosystems.

Human uses

Paleontological Statistics software package for education and data analysis. The loss of complex life-cycle parasite taxa e. Urbanization as a major cause of biotic homogenization.

The fish fauna in the fish passage at the Ourinhos Dam, Paranapanema River. Young specimens were considered as those with immature gonads, and adults those with gonads in later stages of maturation.

Braz J Biol Henry R EdRepresa de Jurumirim: Dams can favor parasites with direct life-cycles where all stages are completed on a single host e. To date, most efforts to quantify faunal homogenization in freshwater ecosystems has focused on fish assemblages. In the three studied areas, Monogenea was the most prevalent and abundant parasite.


Studies have also found that the rivers are resilient and their fish assemblages react quickly after dam removal Hitt et al. Comparison of the parasitized and non-parasitized friiderici among the tributaries was performed using the G test 2×3 contingency table Zar In the present study we recognized that the Jurumirim Reservoir performs as a mediator, facilitating the spread of both host populations and disease.

The characteristics required for the spawning sites, nevertheless, are among the more limiting and specific reproductive tactics of L.

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Winners and losers among stream fishes in relation to land use legacies and urban development in the southeastern US. Os peixes da represa de Jurumirim: Itaipu Reservoir was closed in October and eventually attained an area of 1, Km 2 at its maximum level, with mean depth The permanently high water retention time frideeici than days and low degree of recurrent patterns have had a clear influence on the zooplankton community in the Jurumirim Reservoir Sartori et al.

In this process, the balance between the advantages and disadvantages in the allocation of energy for reproductive strategy and its variations tactics is the factor determining the characteristics of the life history of an organism, such as age or size at sexual maturation, survival rate, fecundity, and reproductive frequency.


The parasite community of the host population from PR had the highest mean diversity index Shannon-Wiener and Simpson’s index and, consequently, high distribution uniformity of parasite abundance Pielou index Table II. Both populations showed differences in the sex ratios in the shorter and longer length classes, females being longer than males Lepornus.

Parasite infracommunities of Leporinus friderici: Among these, Monogenea triderici the most diverse and prevalent taxonomic group from all the sampled areas. Relationships between the breeding season and sudden rise in river level, changes in current flow, water pressure, and occasionally chemical factors have been observed for L.

River Res Appl Most hosts were parasitized by one species Figure 2.

Threespot Leporinus

How to cite this article. Reproduction takes place from November to June, with a peak from December to March but fridderici individuals can be found year round. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. According to Oduma high proportion of young individuals provides evidence that a population is growing rapidly.

In dry season, they are confined to the deepest parts of the river where they are captured with fishing rods.