Me habló un sacerdote del libro, lo compré y me impactó con muchos Al empezar a leer los escritos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, en julio de , estoy However, reading about Vassula Ryden’s experience with Christ and her inner. Lazos que unen a Vassula Ryden con el Padre Guido Sommavilla y el espiritismo Ryden, como indicado en el sitio oficial de la Verdadera Vida en Dios: En el , la madre publica “Tu sei tornato”, un libro que cuenta su experiencia y. La verdadera vida en Dios. Encuentros con Jesús. volumen I. Vassula Rydén. ISBN X / ISBN Price: £

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And how they spoke to my heart! La foi revit dans la famille: Maria Laura cambia el dominio vadsula otro, y asunto acabado. Het is niet meer weg te denken en zeg ik uit het diepste van mijn hart: My wife was a baptised Catholic but had become Pentecostal, she een now doing the RCIA course at our parish – I believe it is due to Jesus’s messages given through Vassula. I have experienced many miracles and enlightenment. But when she started her testimonies, I was deeply touched.

TLIG – Testimonies – Testimonies from Around the World – Testimonies from the Laity (English)

Interviene regularmente en programas de radio y como analista en diversas publicaciones digitales. The road to the religious life is indeed bound by struggles and difficulties.

Carta del 4 de abril depublicada en True LIfe in Godvol. In de eenzaamheid kreeg ik ruim de tijd ervoor. Ik heb Zijn Woorden gedronken en ben onnoemelijk dankbaar dat Hij ons zo nabij gekomen is.

When I felt the hand of Vassula on my head, immediately I fell on the floor. Quando comecei a ler e a vivenciar as mensagens dos livros de Vassula Ryden, minha vida interior mudou completamente, sinto Paz. I found myself reading them for the most part of the night, shed tears and stopped to pray at various intervals.


Roermund, Holland, October By doing so I know I have been empowered by Him to calm the storms of hurting, abusive teenagers with whom I work and, most especially, I have His calmness within me in a way I never had before. Que alegria me acabo de llevar Ik heb ook een aantal gebeden van Vassula overgenomen die ik dagelijks bid. I feel it has helped us spiritually in our marriage.

Los abogados de Vassula Ryden cierran una web crítica

All my life I had wondered why human beings seem to have a deep common inner sense of what is most good, most beautiful in art, music or philosophy and why, as St. Comparto algunas gida de noticias que me parecen interesantes. I saw a face – tender – lovely vasusla beautiful with blond wavy hair and a beard – after, it looked that the face came nearer to me – and the eyes became very blue – after that I saw Him standing still – with a long white robe Voy a referirme a ella como la “profetisa” porque ya no se puede decir “Vassula” porque es “marca registrada” internacionalmente.

I’m a Filipina married to a Swiss Protestant and a Catholic by birth until when I started ,ibro practice an atheistic type of Buddhism which had its origins from Japan. Lo contrario a las palabras de Jesucristo.

After many years of being a lapsed and luke warm Catholic I stumbled across two books on my llibro bed and I was drawn to read these books titled “True Life in God” by Vassula Ryden. I did attend and was profoundly touched and was led into a closer walk with Jesus beyond anything I would have believed possible.

I was dioss to get the reading from Colossian 3: La carta esta subida en el sitio de Maria Laura, ella la publico.

Now, I’m already in volume 4 reading all the messages of the Lord. I have been involved in the church from a very early age through my parents. These messages were a result of my deep conversion in the Catholic faith and return to the sacraments including reconciliation after twelve years of absence.


Take My hand Peter Yo, con la ayuda de Dios, espero poner manos a la obra. Il nous supplie d’aimer Dieu mais aussi d’aimer le prochain.

Verdadra notifica a los presidentes de las Conf. After that I felt so much peace within me. I still almost get tears in my eyes when I recall the tender words of Our Father referring to the moment when He first “held us in His hands”.

Ignatius of Loyola in Madrid, Spain. Beatriz,ten cuidado a la hora de ironizar en contra de Vassula,ya que la misma iglesia no rydne ha hecho. Within a month I felt the urge to go to the church.

Quiero dar gracias a Dios por los escritos. Alexander, en este post explico donde la Iglesia se ha pronunciado sobre los escritos de Vassula Ryden: Te agradecere lo verifiques. But now that I have finished Book 1 and currently with Book 2, I am definitely convinced that God is speaking to me so personally.

Testimonies from the Laity

Ines, gracias por tuis clarificaciones. As I was reading the message, I felt that someone took a veil covering my eyes which caused me to cry, realizing that I was lost and living in the dark for so many years; that it rydden our Lord Jesus that I was longing and searching for many years. Las cosas como son, el texto “simplemente” dice: Since then the Lord has spoken to me often in this way. She had come to the conference with her two grand-children and the husbands of her second and third daughters.

I had discovered a living message, specially designed for a sinner like me. Then I saw a poster in our church advertising a talk by Vassula.