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The authors add that in these communities psicopahologia elements that contributes to the generation of depressive symptoms in the migrants’ young children are a result of the conditions of the rural contexts in which families are left.

Hence the interest in identifying behavioral problems in high school students as well as the factors that may be associated with these problems. In many cases, it is the custom for fathers to establish family rules and in their absence, mothers are forced to assume this responsibility, which is an extremely difficult situation. The mother, who is usually distressed, tries to restore the father to the same role he had before he emigrated and serves as a mediator between him and the children.

These constitute their inner strength, which enables them to indicate the path to be taken to achieve the harmonious development of the family as a group and of each of its members.

For some mothers, being solely responsible for the burden of parenting coupled with the husband’s insecurity can lead to certain emotional disorders such as depression. There are also implicit rules particularly related to the transmission of culture and social norms that should be explained to prevent misunderstandings and achieve the personal commitment of each member of the group.

Aggressiveness was one of the behaviors with the highest incidence. These views include teenagers’ relationships with their teachers and head teachers. They may display symptoms that may be related to the departure of this relative since their everyday lives are altered. They were also asked about how they felt about the father’s absence, to which 40 percent replied that they felt bad; 30 percent said that they felt good and only five percent said that they were indifferent.

Both instruments the Achenbach questionnaire and the questionnaire on factors related to problem behaviors and migration were administered to each of the participants at their schools.

The psychosocial functions performed by a family should not be overlooked; Macias Until the mid th century, since the states with the highest migration rates were those psicopatologiw to the United States, Veracruz was psicopatologgia considered a state with a migrant tradition, especially because in the early to mid th century, it was a state that required labor from other states to work in its agriculture, industry and oil.

Table 1 shows the syndromes and their respective behaviors. School Environment The data show that teenagers believe school can be a factor of development due to the interest shown by teachers towards their students, since they pay special attention to the problems that occur.


One of the greatest acquisitions in the family is the one linked to the axiological structure of its members, as well as the ideology and patterns of the culture in which they are immersed. Psicopatplogia situation is responsible for another of the costs of migration: This finding corroborates what studies such those by FarringtonTrianesTattum and LaneWhitney and Smith show regarding aggressive behavior in age groups, which is understandable given the stage of transition in which youth is located, characterized by behaviors such as disobedience, being demanding, rebelliousness, among others, which could become a problem of adaptation at a later age.

Although this is ideal, in many households where migration occurs, children, or children and their mothers, may make the decision to cohabit with the extended family in order to help them with their children as regards responsibilities, decision-making and financial aspects.

Estado psicológico en jóvenes de secundaria hijos de padres migrantes y no migrantes

In the first half ofalcohol continued to be the most commonly consumed substance The data show the disadvantages faced by students with one or both parents absent due to the phenomenon of migration: On his return, the spouse creates emotional tension in the family, since during his absence, family members’ roles were adjusted.

The coffee crisis has also triggered migration in the state of Veracruz mestries, ; Quesnel, and Del Rey, The characteristics acquired the family when one or more of its members migrate strains relations between parents, turning the absence of one or both into intrafamilial distancing, an adverse situation caused by the lack of communication and new family experiences.

Use of Addictive Substances The status of addictive substance use in Mexico is similar to that in the rest of the world and the city of Xalapa is no different, as shown by the data reported by Villatoro, and Medina-Mora The first part contained questions concerning general information about the informant while the second consisted of 16 open and closed questions grouped into three dimensions: When wives are left behind, they often experience various fears about their partners, which begins with their departure, such as: In the case of students with non-migrant parents, the highest percentage was located in the categories of quite a lot and a lot see table 6.

In the case of alcohol use, the data are linked to those reported for the presence of alcoholism in their families: It is worth mentioning that in In regard to the promotion of the bonds of affection and social union, through which the expression of emotions is taught, teenagers believed that this was achieved in their families, as shown in the table 5.

These data reveal the importance of the family in the acquisition and integration of the roles played in society as well as the social integration processes and ways of relating to others within a social organization.

Conversely, nine percent of respondents found them indifferent. These data are consistent with the situation reported by certain authors such as Pinazo, and Ferrer Ha participado en diversos foros nacionales e internacionales.

The sample consisted of teenage children of migrants living in rural communities in that state. As for age, They become silent, unsociable and do not engage in group activities. Use of Addictive Substances In order to address the issue of substance use, teenagers were asked about their use in their families. The results show that this is an at-risk population that is particularly vulnerable psicopatloogia over 40 psicopatologis of adolescents have some sort of problem such as aggression, anxiety or introversion.


The Psychosocial Impact on the Migrant’s Family Behaviors and Syndromes in Teenagers Several studies have reported gender differences in terms of peicopatologia disorders, the rate of problems being considerably higher in male than female teenagers Wolff, and Ollendick, libor In this respect, it was found that the best predictors of behavior problems were teens whose parents had bad or fair couple relationships and also had bad relations with their families.

In order to address the issue of substance use, teenagers were asked about ,ibro use in their families. Instead, teenagers displayed these symptoms when one or both parents worked outside the home. For psicopatoogia, onset occurs before the legal age for purchasing products such as tobacco and alcohol, and it has been recognized that increased consumption occurs among students ages 16 or older, except for those who use inhalants, whose consumption is common among those under The data were subjected to a chi square X 2 statistical test and univariate and bivariate analysis.

The CBCL years and the questionnaire on factors related to behavioral problems and migration were administered to a representative sample of 2 high school students ages 13 to 17 years.

Psicopatología: psicología anormal : el problema de la conducta inadaptada

Regarding the function associated with the satisfaction of subsistence needs and physical well-being, most participants, who were migrants’ children, said that this was achieved, in contrast with what was reported by the children of non-migrants. This instrument consists of an introduction-explanation to place the person answering the survey.

Two instruments were used for the data collection: As for the teachings related to forms of socialization, migrants’ children, the majority of whom are adolescents, felt that this was achieved to a certain extent or quite a lot, followed by those who thought that this was achieved to a great extent.

In addition to undertaking the analyses presented above, the CHAID segmentation algorithm Psicopatologiaa Square Automatic Interaction Detection was administered, due to the large number of variables. Sarason, and Sarason found that for women, the likelihood of depression is twice as high as it is for men, since they tend to offer more emotional and material support, which produces equal or greater stress. This is exemplified in a study conducted in two communities in Oaxaca, where it was found that families with a migrant relative had a greater incidence pdicopatologia psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence and alcoholism.

El problema de la conducta inadaptada, 11 a ed.