Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. Sep;60(3) Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. We have observed. Citation. M Virdi, A Sachdev, A Gupta, K Aggarwal. Lichen Planus Or Lichenoid Dysplasia: Is It Premalignant!. The Internet Journal of Head and Neck Surgery. We have observed, both in the literature and in practice, that pathologists frequently fail to appreciate subtle dysplastic features in lesions with lichenoid.

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The possible pre malignant character of oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions: From the above results and by comparing them with each other, enlargement of cell dimension can be noticed. Clinical management and malignant transformation. Published online May 1. J Oral Pathol Med. Histologically, the inflammatory infiltrate with predominant eosinophils is more widely spread deep into the connective tissue. OLP has been considered a premalignant condition requiring a recall program and proper follow up, which require substantial economic resources and is a potential problem in developing nations like ours.

J Oral Med ; Histologically, a characteristic Periodic Acid Schiff PAS stained positive material is seen along the basement membrane and around the blood vessels. Studies carried out in a number of countries found a considerably high likelihood of injuries initially diagnosed as lichen planus becoming malignant lesions along the years. Current controversies in oral lichen planus. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Statistically significant differences were noted and the results obtained may have a value in predicting their behavior.

Lichenoid Dysplasia‚ÄďA Case Report with a Review of Differential Diagnosis

Unilateral plaque type oral lichenoid lesion on the lateral border of tongue representing oral fysplasia dysplasia Click here to view. Clinico-pathological mimicry and its diagnostic implications.


J Clin Diagn Res. OLP patients should have regular follow-up examinations from two to four times annually 3.

Clinical features and management. It does not imply dysplastic changes in lichen planus. Furthermore, this condition needs to be diagnosed with dtsplasia strict Clinico-pathologic criterion, which might reduce or possibly eliminate confusion about possible premalignant character of OLP and OLL oral lichenoid lesions 4.

Clinical management and malignant transformation.

Squamous cell carcinoma arising in an oral lichenoid lesion. The pathogenesis of these two lesions is entirely different – in lichen planus the lichenoid infiltrate represents cell mediated immune response incited by different antigens whereas in LD, it represents immune surveillance mechanism against atypical epithelial cells [ 2 ].

Normal epithelium was obtained from patients undergoing extraction for impacted third molar with no sign of inflammation lichenid any other pathology. Diagnostic criteria and there importance in the alleged relationship to oral cancer. Diagnosis of all OLP cases were done on the basis lichejoid proposed modified W. Lichenoid lesions of oral mucosa.

None, Conflict of Interest: J Am Dent Assoc ; The results lochenoid in this study make it evident that the histopathologic diagnosis of oral lichen planus, mainly when differentiated against epithelial dysplasia, is quite difficult, as some cell disorders indicative of malignant disease such as increased nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio, nuclear hyperchromatism, and dysplassia chromatin distribution may be seen in either of the lesions.

The question about premalignant potential of OLP has been mired by controversy.

Oral lichen planus versus epithelial dysplasia: difficulties in diagnosis

According to these authors, the cases of development to malignancy described in the literature are related to a condition with distinct histopathologic characteristics known as lichenoid dysplasia. Need of the study OLP has been considered a premalignant condition requiring a recall program and proper follow up, which require substantial economic resources and is a potential problem in developing nations like ours.


Increased nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio was also the most frequently encountered disorder in epithelial dysplasia, together with cell and nucleus pleomorphism, seen in Furthermore, the role of Histochemical markers, Quantitative cytology and Morphometry as prognostic tools in evaluation of OLP has been proved beyond doubt. Oral manifestations of erythema multiforme. In retrospect, the initial biopsy specimens of two patients exhibited lichenoid dysplasia, whereas that of the third showed only lichenoid mucositis.

Considerable controversy exists in the literature as to whether OLP oral lichen planus has inherent predilection to become malignant 2.

Lichenoid dysplasia revisited – evidence from a review of Indian archives.

Drugs reported in dysplwsia literature as being related to oral lichenoid reactions [23] Click here to view. The oral lichen planus cases were reassessed by three independent examiners, following the histopathology criteria set by Eisenberg1 3 Table 1 to confirm initial diagnosis. Moreover, it has been suggested that reported cases of OLP developing into oral cancer were infact not OLP but rather dysplastic lesions with lichenoid features 3. Br Dent J ;