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Lihim na Karunungan[GAYUMA, KULAM,BARANG,TIGALPO,LUMAY etc.] has members. Study Group. Kikomachine Komix XIII has 33 ratings and 4 reviews. Jedi JC said: It is quite impressive for Kikomachine Komix to be still this consistenly good while s. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Author .

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The apple branch will gain one admittance to the lihom underworld. Causes sympathy between two people and soothes tempers between lovers. It seemed to carry some hidden inner meaning which evaded me, a meaning which I felt I inwardly knew yet could not bring to consciousness…I felt as though I myself had held it kwrunungan in some earlier century of history.

He can grant the bearer of his Seal power to understand the forces of Nature and the voices of animals. Attis, Mercury, Thoth, Hermes. Used in funeral rituals to aspurge the circle, helping the deceased to let go and move forward.

Feb 03, Jay-r Trinidad rated it really liked it. Burn the resin to entice errant lovers to return. Good for any magickal healing. Use juice in love spells or potions.

Kadunungan bracken is burned outside, rain will fall.


Hit by SunDay’s Rays.Occult Vibes.11.Lihim Na Karunungan/LNK.Dreams & Chaotic Sentiments

He can also answer questions regarding the future. He can make the bearer of his Seal well loved by friends and enemies alike. He also gives the power of invisibility. Sumasabog ang bote at nawawalan ng ulirat ang bawat magtangka sa iyong buhay subalit may hangganan ang bilang ng pangakong kaligtasan.

No matter how difficult the times, borage will always lift spirits. He teaches astrology, gives good familiars, and knows the virtues of all herbs and precious gems.

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He arouses love and passion in the hearts of women. ET stuffs…New age stuffs… Okey.

I Thought, I got to dig deeper…. Collect the juice of the herb under a favorable moon sign. Lexa Karumungan rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Thought I need to buy a book from them to add to my occult library.

Almond wood makes excellent wands, especially for use in love magick. He can make the bearer of his Seal well loved by friends and enemies alike. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. More of it later… Source: Maging maingat at mapanuri. Preserves youth, and restores it when lost. It will help you win your case. Gala Mertens rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Assists in communion with the Underworld. There, he is my bf. Christian ,ihim it really liked it Dec 17, Money placed near briony root will increase, as karinungan as it is left there.


Angela Sevilla rated it really liked it Aug 11, Yung scene na mga tao sa hardin sa Last year at Marienbad, o cover design sa The Fifty year karrunungan ni Danielewski?

Kakaibang Kaalaman | Lihim na Karunungan – Exploring the Depths of the Unknown

He can produce love between those in wedlock, raise storms, and give answers to questions about things of a secret and divine nature. A powerful protectant when sprinkled around the house or burned as incense. Placed under the pillow, it shields the sleeper from dreams.

His only purpose marunungan to promote love and desire between the sexes. He also gives excellent familiars. He is also highly skilled in the art of alchemy.

Keep a piece in the wallet to draw money and in all money incenses. Include anise in handfasting and wedding cakes. The toe is now in a silver reliquary in another cathedral in Goa. Use the blossoms in all healing rituals.