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When you are in the process involving “to remember, ” you are approaching an understanding of Religion and Yoga. Reconsideration would be wise!

Regardless of how you feel your connection with the moon, which waxes and wanes or your confidence how finnly you stand upon the ground, i. With my eyes closed I had just gone through the seed when poof-pop-bang! If you feel uncomfortable about being the result rather than the cause consider initiating a complementary force by becoming proactive! Note that when the card for seeing the after-image is a few feet away from you the after-image enlarges.

Reassess your aims and situation. Many of the signs and symptoms listed can be present in severe clinical depression, in which case this meditation will not help-and indeed you will feel so bad you won’t be able to do it. Start at one wall and begin tattsa examine every appliance and cooking aid in the kitchen.

Allowing you to visualize the basic geometrical shapes of the first five chakras, inside your body and as three-dimensional living realities. Object Manipulation in Space I. When I was with Swami Satyananda Saraswati, in Northeast India, he insisted we cxrds the writing with colored chalk every evening. A large glass bowl preferably lead crystal that can hold half a sheet or a whole sheet of Laser print paper, is needed.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) – PDF Free Download

Palming is your first gateway to saying. I would like to briefly review the shapes as they are now commonly associated with the Tattwas. This is what I mean by a matter-of-fact approach. You tried too long-five to ten minutes is maximum. Right now be content with being able to rapidly build this assemblage. Paracelsus, Meditate well upon the following key: It is called Muladhara chakra Root-Base or foundation centermanifesting as a yellow cube. Each time you do, project yourself into the room and try to find more items-in the real world don’t physically go up to the room and memorize every nook and cranny.


A Yantra is defined by Mumford as ‘a tool for focusing the mind, encouraging conception, and invoking or evoking elemental forces. If you really want to understand the neuroanatomy of the chakras, from a Western viewpoint, then consult my book A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook Llewellyn. The Samkbya scheme permits a totally coherent and consistent world view which explains the phenomenal universe.

Step One The concept of the Five Elements is endemic to all Indian philosophy, and as we have seen, starting with the Greeks, Occidental philosophy also. Paperback, pages Publisher: It holds the atoms of form or shape Rupa and therefore can be seen, felt and heard; you can “see” the fire, “feel” the heat of its flames, and “hear” the crackling of the combustion.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit)

We are going to internalize the color and shape of each element three-dimensionallyfilling the body space occupied by each chakra. Some will research this material further than I have dreamt, thus perpetuating the tradition for posterity.

Eventually, you won’t be coomplete to tell the difference between “being there” and “remembering there.

Repeat this exercise with every Tattwa Subset which, of course, consists of five cards in each group. Future and current tensions can be relieved by speaking directly, honestly, and openly, provided you take full responsibility for your own self-engendered emotions and can handle accepting the feelings of those around you.


Notice as you do this that you are continuing to see the image, regardless of whether your eyes are momentarily closed or not. You also need to be reminded of the inherent qualities of the first four Elements in the Indian system. Then working from memory, with crayons, colored pencils, or markers color the parts of the cards to imbed in your mind the color and shape relationships.

Consulting the Elemental Man chart II you will note that the moon can occupy from the navel to the pubic bone. In regard to your personal use of divining with the kit; I recommend you do not consult the Tattwas more than five times a year. Consciousness and Energy are codependent because Consciousness is sterile, or lame, and Energy is blind. Now defocus, as you have been doing in prior exercises, until you have created near perfect images of six digits, or double hand.

You need more space; this is the season to get elbow room. Fold the little finger and ring finger into your palm leaving the third finger, forefinger, and thumb up and spread out.

With practice you will learn to do this any time, any place, with your eyes open. I am using the Elements to get at magial core of the chakra system bypassing a galaxy of Gods and Goddesses, fifty Sanskrit letters divided among the chakras, multiple images, animals, mythic animals, and some complicated Indian psycho-physiology.

Consciousness was without beginning, and therefore without end, eternally radiating through limitless reaches of space and eons of time.