15 U.S. Code Chapter 50 – CONSUMER PRODUCT WARRANTIES conspicuous disclosure of terms and conditions; addition to or in lieu of written warranty. To protect consumers, federal legislators passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Act) in Warranties are promises by sellers that the. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act a federal law that governs consumer product warranties. Passed by Congress in , the Act requires manufacturers and.

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Sellers of consumer products who make service contracts on their products are prohibited axt the act from disclaiming or limiting implied warranties. Provide each party an opportunity to present its side, to submit supporting materials, and to rebut points made by the other party; the mechanism may allow oral presentations, but only if both parties agree.

By providing consumers with a way of learning what warranty coverage is offered on a product before they buy, the Act gives consumers a way to know what to expect if something goes wrong, and thus helps to increase customer satisfaction. Gather, investigate, and organize all information necessary to decide each dispute fairly and quickly. First, Congress wanted to ensure that consumers could get complete information about warranty terms and conditions.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Similarly, a warranty warraty promised service that the warrantor had no intention of providing or could not provide would be deceptive and unlawful. Issue decisions that are not binding; either party must be free to take the magnuson-miss to court if dissatisfied with the decision however, companies may, and often do, agree to be bound by the decision.

However, the warrantor may require consumers to return a defective item to its place of purchase for repair. While you cannot use a tie-in sales provision, your warranty need not cover use of replacement parts, repairs, or maintenance that is inappropriate for your product.

  BS EN 12101-3 PDF

Consumer Lawsuits The Act makes it easier for purchasers to sue for breach of warranty by making breach of warranty a violation of federal law, and by allowing consumers to recover court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Kingston strongly supports customer choice and believes that consumers – whether end user, reseller, manuson-moss systems integrator – should be free to purchase compatible memory modules without being subject magnuson–moss threats and misinformation.

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Under the terms of the Act, ambiguous statements in a warranty are construed against the drafter of the warranty. Any warrantor warranting a consumer product to a consumer by means of a written warranty must disclose, fully and conspicuously, in simple and readily understood language, the terms and conditions of the warranty to the extent required by rules of the Federal Trade Commission.

The act is meant to provide consumers with access to reasonable and effective remedies where there is a breach of warranty on a consumer product. There is usually a hour lead-time with this service. Consumers are often victims of fraud or misrepresentation in the quality of consumer personal, family or household goods and in how they are intended to perform.

It is clear from these standards that informal dispute resolution mechanisms under the Dispute Resolution Rule are not “informal” in the sense of being unstructured. You may want to consider establishing a mechanism that will make settling warranty disputes easier, even though it may not meet the standards of the Dispute Resolution Rule. Warranties are promises by sellers that the material or workmanship is defect free or meets a certain level of performance over a certain time. All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Disclaimer or Modification of Implied Warranties The Act prohibits anyone who offers a written warranty from disclaiming or modifying implied warranties. The Act makes deceptive language inapplicable such as promising maintenance or repair service where none is given or which the seller had no intention of providing.


Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty.

Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act – Wikipedia

The FTC has a Dispute Resolution Rule comprising of certain criteria if a seller has an informal dispute mechanism such as arbitration. However, if your warranty covers both the parts provided for a repair and the workmanship in wardanty that repair, the Act does apply to you.

A system manufacturer may resort to this type of warranty threat to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of consumers, rather than to compete on the basis of quality and price “FUD marketing”. This magnuson-mos needs additional citations for verification. The OEM will not want to lose the sale over the memory installation.

Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Law and Legal Definition

magnusln-moss This is explained in Understanding Warranties. Retrieved 1 February The important point is that, regardless of their legality, these types of sales ploys are intended to intimidate and pressure unsophisticated purchasers into spending substantially more than they should for memory upgrades. In order to understand how the Act affects you as a businessperson, it is important first to understand what the Act does not require. Although sellers are not required to provide written warranties, many consumers will be skeptical of products that do not have one.

Full warranties may not be time restricted or limited.