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Mahājanaka Jātaka (No. ). Mahājanaka, king of Mithilā in Videha, had two sons, Aritthajanaka and Polajanaka. On his death, the elder. The Jataka, Vol. VI, tr. by E.B. Cowell, [], full text etext at The tale of the Mahajanaka Jataka is among the most popular Buddhist fables, retold as far East as Thailand. In Cave 1 of the Ajanta Caves.

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The king, being unable to stop the multitude, journeyed on for sixty leagues. Mahajanaka with his superior strength was able to throw himself a far distance from the ship, thus escaping the fate of the other passengers.

Mahajanaka Jataka at Ajanta Caves | Madras Courier

I have therefore succeeded in pleasing her; tell me something else. His pupils came running up and asked him what it all meant.

Now musical instruments are sounded in front of a chariot which contains a rider, but behind one which contains none; so the family iataka, having bid them sound the musical instruments behind, and having sprinkled the strap of the car and the goad with a golden ewer, bade the chariot proceed to him who has merit sufficient to rule the kingdom.

The two bracelets jingled, while the single one was noiseless.

Followed by a great crowd, it took them through the city to the eastern gate and onward to the park where Mahajanaka lay sleeping. Articles with short description Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Articles containing Khmer-language text Articles containing Thai-language text. However, when the new king arrived he did not visit her or pay her any attention.

Startled I left my royal pomp and stopped to gaze with curious eye, Contrasting with this fruitful tree a barren one which grew close by. She was alarmed for his safety, warning him of the dangers of the sea, but he was deaf to her words. O comfort first their stricken hearts and crown thy son to rule instead; Then, if thou wilt, forsake the world the pilgrim’s lonely path to tread.

The scene symbolizes the virtue of Perseverance. She climbed up and lay down in the bed, and she knew that it must be a god. The people shouted, “O king, while you guard the kingdom, they spoil and kill your subjects. On being questioned by the king, he answered that the wide horizon of two eyes served but to distract the view.


Retrieved from ” https: The general and the other officers of state each thought that the car was coming up to him, but it passed by the houses of them all, and having gone solemnly round the city it went out by the eastern gate and passed onwards to the park.

Adobe Photoshop Elements The more they tried to please her, the more she scorned them and sent them away. The queen also went with him, taking all the army and the animals for riding. The Bodhisatta replied, “What sayest thou, O mahjanaka The deer, the garden, and the swans fail to attract his absent eye, Silent he sits as stricken dumb and lets the cares of state pass by.

Sama then told the King the story of fostering his blind parents. Far from being like the fruitful tree I will be like the barren one,—leaving all my glory behind, I will give up the world and become an ascetic. I will henceforth live the life of a Buddhist priest on the top of the palace.

Mahajanaka accepted the invitation and performed the coronation ceremony in Mithila. On the eve of the full moon festival, King Angati went to the deer park to meet Guna Kassapa, a naked ascetic. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Nemi, as king of Videhayearned to know the answer to his question: When he beat them another day and they called him the widow’s son, he replied that the Brahmin was his father; and when they retorted “What is the Brahmin to you? There the king saw a dog running away with a morsel of roasted flesh, which it dropped in its flight. So she made a great lamentation, and after erecting a tope where he had stood, she offered worship with flowers and perfumes, and returned.

He told his people about mahhajanaka happiness of the gods, and exhorted them to give alms and do good so they would be reborn in that divine place. Having settled the affairs of the kingdom, she herself donned the robes of a hermit, and after many years she too was deemed worthy of entrance into the mahajanska of the gods.


After circling the stone, the chariot came to a jatakz. In time the new king became suspicious of his brother’s popularity with the people and, fearful for his throne, had Polajanaka put in chains. Four months passed as he thus led an ascetic’s life on the palace, and at last his mind turned intently towards giving up the world: Mahajanqka the ship went down, men and animals were devoured by the sharks and fierce turtles that infested the ocean, but the mast remained upright.

Mahajanaka Jataka

The King agreed to give him away. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Purohit looked and had the impression that he could be the Kingso he invited him to ascend the throne.

Although knowing the vessel was doomed, Mahajanaka did not panic.

A Jataka Tale: Prince Mahajanaka | Sirinya’s Thailand

When all the preparations were completed they brought Canda Kumara to the sacrificial pit. No one was able to violate that line; and the people, standing behind that line, made loud lamentation. The queen, on hearing him, bade him take the better path to the right, while she chose the left; but after going a little way, being unable to restrain her grief, she again came mahqjanaka him, and she and the king entered the city together.

At last the ministers decided to send out the festive chariot to see if they could find a successor to Polajanaka. It was reviewed on 5 November by FlickreviewR 2 and was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the cc-by All mahajanqka of Jaraka.

Bhuridatta’s wife and mother had missed him so very much.

If not, I will carry on trade and make money and seize my father’s kingdom. The queen thought to herself, “If the king were worthy of the kingdom he would not eat the dusty leavings of a dog, he is not really my husband “; and she said aloud, “O great king, dost thou eat such a disgusting morsel?