He in turn, credited a Vedic sage named Maharshi Bharadwaja, The Vymanika Shastra was first committed to writing between and. Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. This Shastra in 8 chapters is expounded by the revered Bharadwaja Maharshi. In it the 28, kinds of vehicles and yantras useful in traveling.

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The switch-gear for connecting the vimaana bharadwsja the solar energy is explained in “Brihath-kaandika. To the north-east must be fixed the chakradanti naala for attracting the kulikaa force.

The Vymaanika-Shaastra: Foreword

They look like brutalist wedding cakes, with minarets, huge ornithopter wings and dinky propellers. The solar force of each direction has got its own intensity, owing to different fire-force, different seasonal force, the effect of the five winds, combined with the vaarunee or liquid force of the clouds, and the resulting tension gives rise to four evil forces, andha, andhakaara, pinjoosha, and vaimnika, whose glows, known as rakta, jaathara, taaraagra, and prabha, striking the eye-balls result in blindness of both eyes.

The quadrangular mirror should be fixed facing upwards.

The metal bhaarahana is produced by mixing numbers 7, 1 1, and 6 in the three groups in the proportion nharadwaja 5, 12, and 7, mixing with borax, and melting in the crucible. India was then under British rule.

In this sootra it is stated that preparations made from edible roots, potato and other bulbous vegetables, and from fruits are also suitable as food.

The names of the vessels are also given by Shaarikaanaatha: Pattikaabhraka at the centre of the hood of the Vimana. It had to be a beautiful volume commensurate with the magnificence of its subject, and the high expectations of the public awaiting its publication. We replied, “Please wire 1 dollars, and then come. It is unclear as to whether any part of the present work was actually published in print at that time, even though it is implied in the introduction, so it is unclear whether it was published in the legal sense prior to The back should be covered with a coir-made cloth covering.

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It should he rolled in coils just as a snake circles up in coils and sleeps. But since each of the several motions of the plane is definitely ascribed to a particular kind offeree, it would be incorrect to hold that one force could be responsible for the whole gamut of motions.

Then solar rays should be let in from the western side. On Clothing Maharashi Bharadwaaja: In the centre erect a 6 inch pivot and four tubes, made of vishvodara metal, equipped with hinges and bands of iron, copper, brass or lead, and attach to the pegs in the lines in the several directions.

Vaimānika Shāstra – Wikipedia

That should not shock Miss Jean Lyon. The word “andaja” means “egg-born”, and includes eagles and other birds which fly by their own volition. Dhoomaasya mani is to be placed in rubna acid vessel. For capturing kulikaa the oil from gunja or the seeds of the shrub abrus and hbaradwaja leaves, and mercury and shanaka crystal are recommended for use.

Maharshi Bharadwaja is an august name in the pantheon of Hindu Sages who recorded Indian civilization, in the spiritual, intellectual, and scientific fields in the hoary past. Similarly metal Aamlatrit vaimaniks produced by taking numbers 9, 7, 1 in the three metal groups, in the proportion of 10, 7, 8 and vaimainka with tankana and melting as prescribed.

After the function the Mss. Then the Rohinee shakti should be passed through wires into the vessel containing the fivefold load stone, mercury, mica, serpent vaimabika acid, p. The resultant crucible, known as “antarmukha,” would be best suited to melt the metals required for producing a Vimaana.


Jan 07, Metal vishalyakrit is produced by taking numbers 3, 5, and 1 1, in the proportion of 20, 12, and 6, and melting in the crucible with borax. Experts mention varieties of vyaasatikaas or fire-places.

Thereby, in the acid there will be generated a female shakti of 5 nyankas called sowlikaa. Above there should be fixed an oiling tube which will keep all the springs well-oiled. The fume will burst into light, and shasfra should be passed through tube into the vyroopya-darpana. Ma is udgamaa, la is panjaraa, ya is solar heat absorber, ra is the solar dozen, sa is alien force absorber, va is kuntinee, and na is primary force.

The tubes should be inserted in the 4 sides bhararwaja the vimaana, forming outlets.

Then the poison-fumes from the 3rd tube should be drawn through the air tube, and let into the multicolour-glowing light-pillar. Lundwall, Askild and Karnekull, Stockholm, Dr. Vaathaskandha naala kcclaka Aerial Routes maharsgi 4. These illustrations do not except in cross-section resemble ‘modem’ UFOs. A few chapters deal with construction of villages, cities and towns, fortresses, palaces and temples.

India Did NOT Invent The World’s Oldest Plane. Here Is Proof!

Nor do they look like ancient portrayals of vimanas, for that matter. Dravapaatra or acid vessel is described in “Kriyaasaara.

Sc, and Sris M. Pushpinec Yantra Tic aae D.

The resulting product will be a fine bimbaarka-kiranaadarsha, or reflected solar ray attracting mirror. There maharsui 27 such different shapes that are said to be possible.

Padmachakramukha at the shirobhaaga or crest of the Vimana.