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Maigne’s Syndrome. Lumbo-Pelvic Pain Part 1. William E. Morgan. It is natural to associate the site of pain as the source of pain. If the pain is over the sacroiliac. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is defined as a result of a minor intervertebral dysfunction at the thoracolumbar junction and referred pain in the low. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is characterized by referred pain which may originate at the thoracolumbar junction, which extends.

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Arun Pal Singh is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon, founder and chief editor of this website. Once I read Maigne’s paper and started using the approach outlined below, the tender point more consistently disappeared and stayed gone. The patients in the exercise group therapy conducted the exercises during their control visits and they were followed carefully regarding the exercises they could not do.

Repeat three or four times. We aimed in our study to search the effectiveness of the exercise, and local steroid injection treatment as a TLS treatment modality [ 5 ].

The first group received exercise therapy, the second group was treated with local steroid injections and the third group was the combination therapy group of both injection and exercise. Facet joint palpation is not an easy technique, because they are located cm below the skin.

Musculoskeletal providers frequently see patients with inguinal pain, sacroiliac and buttocks pain, and lateral hip pain, and it is common to focus on the region of pain rather than other possible sources of it. I corrected, via mobilization and manipulation, the T-L restrictions. This image identifies the distribution of pain; the posterior pelvis 1the inguinal region 2and the lateral thigh 3.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A second inconsistent branch runs caudally to supply the facet at the level below.

The edema, the fibrin formation, the capillary dilatation and the leukocyte aggregation and phagocytosis occur from the effects of the Corticosteroids early inflammation; on the other hand, preventing the late effects collagen formation and scatrisation by capillaries and fibroblast proliferation plays an important role in controlling the inflammation. This may lead to an overuse of the motion segment which could initiate disc or facet degeneration.

Dynamic Chiropractic — November 4,Vol.

The superior cluneal nerves traverse through the psoas. There is also an interview with Robert Maigne online on another site; 2 he discusses this condition and shares his own story as a pioneer in manipulative medicine.

Although the examination of a certain area of the affected muscle is helpful in understanding it in a better way, and even though the compliance of the joint surfaces mqigne corrupt, but there is not a disorder that can be defined in subluxation degree. Paris57, The pinch-roll test syndfome usually positive. Finally, although the somatic dysfunction could be seen within the context in which Chapmann was described but the disease is not just that.

This overlap of innervation is poorly handled by the standard dermatome map which physicians rely on to trace synxrome back to its source. We did extensive trigger point and dynamic Graston to the gluteals, etc.

Find the direction of maximum tenderness and the direction of maximal fixation.


Besides, since the lower abdomen is affected while causing a pseudo visceral pain, the pain could be imitated with induced pains causing gynecological, gastroenterological and urological pains.

Warren Hammer wrote an article 13 years ago for Dynamic Chiropractic about the phenomena of superior cluneal nerve entrapment. What I write here, and much of what has been written regarding these conditions, is based on our knowledge of anatomy and clinical observations. Also, 2 of the 4 patients who still had unresolved complaints in the local anesthetic injection induced in the thoracolumbar region had chronic disease and 1 of the patients was excluded since he did not follow the exercise program.

Like Susan, for the past 9 months have been thru the gauntlet with treatments, medications, injections and exercises all focusing on my SI Joint.

Posterior ramus syndrome – Wikipedia

Next roll the foam down the spine a few inches, and then repeat. The pain is frequently increased by contralateral side bending.

The pain is usually spread in the Lateral Away from the median plane. Just superior to this gluteal tender point is an osteofibrous tunnel that the nerve comes through.

Low back pain of thoracolumbar origin.

Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome

One particular gluteal tender point, cm lateral to the midline, is right below the iliac crest. I found this interview fascinating, particularly in terms of Maigne’s thinking process.

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