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The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Major Keyhoe [Major Donald E Keyhoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. January, TRUE Magazine article by Donald E. Keyhoe ‘The Flying Saucers he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. Donald E. Keyhoe, Writer: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Donald E. Keyhoe Himself – Former Marine Corps Major (as Donald Keyhoe). Farewell, Good .

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By the time his UFO books appeared, Keyhoe was already a well-established author, with numerous appearances in the pulp magazines of the s and s. Retrieved from ” https: They saw no occupants, but at their speed of passing this was not surprising. Another wingless aircraft was later sighted at Jackson, Mississippi. However, the Air Force has repeatedly denied any such operations, and True believes the evidence makes it impossible.

One-way trips would tell the Earth nothing. Both later agreed on its speed; the pilot supposed it to be a Canadian jet fighter from over the border. Views Read Edit View history.

Donald Keyhoe – Wikipedia

In view of the statements to be quoted from this man, eonald must necessarily be anonymous, it should be said that he is a hard-headed practical engineer of long experience, responsible for the design of aircraft known by name to every literate American.


Archived from the original on March 3, Keyhoe wrote several more books about UFOs. Character sheet for an almost forgotten pulp hero. Numerous reports were made by serious, reputable citizens.

It was still blinking on and off.


The other group among the flying-disk believers accepts the transparent light-disk answer — but is convinced it was controlled from an interplanetary craft hovering at high altitude, not by an Air Force plane. In some instances, they would have been flying against the wind, at terrific speed.

Flying-disk believers list these points:. The Mike Wallace Interview Himself. During interviews with Pentagon officials, including Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington, a True investigator confirmed reports of a confidential photograph file.

Donald Keyhoe

Then concentration on the United States, the most advanced nation. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Upon receiving his B. Something round and luminous fell from the sky, said by some witnesses to come from a strange, torpedo-shaped object. Even if there had been several balloons in this general area and there were not, by official record they could not have covered the courses reported.

Under Bryan’s leadership, NICAP disbanded its local and state affiliate groups, and by it had been completely closed. University of California Press. Flying Saucers from Outer Space Holt, is perhaps the most impressive, being largely based on interviews and official reports vetted by the Air Force.


More important, he would recognize from experience the first vague blurring, narrowing of vision, and other preliminary symptoms of anoxia.

After eight months of intensive investigation, the following conclusions have been reached by True Magazine:. There is reason to believe, however, that some other race of thinking beings is a matter of two and a quarter centuries ahead of us.

How much of Donald E. Conventions Fiction Religions list. Its kryhoe was rapid, but not immediate. Observers at the base were astounded to see a huge, projectilelike craft race overhead, trailing a varicolored exhaust. The Lure of the Edge: But none of these explanations will stand up in the important, most authentically reported cases.

Disk seen flying at tremendous speed by Army officers. They dismiss the whole thing as bunk. The commanding officer on the base, Colonel Guy F. Which villain would come out on top? The Earth satellite vehicle will have to prove itself as a practical base, a sort of aerial aircraft donalc from which rocket ships can operate on the Earth shuttle.

Such preliminary caution would be imperative.